What’s the most important thing on your wedding day?

Your dress?
The meal?
The photos?
The ceremony?
The venue?
“Harmony is key”

At Mad Flowers it’s all of the above and a whole lot more.

Start with your dress and those of your bridesmaids, you put your heart and soul into choosing these gowns and so the concept behind this should run throughout.

The bride’s bouquet should accent the gown. We would look at aspects of colour, trimmings and fabric, to size and accessories.
The bridesmaids’ bouquets should compliment the bridal bouquet, as should the groom’s boutonniere and the mothers’ corsage.
The passion continues through to flowers at the church pews, the cake display and table decoration.

The link to harmony may be as simple as colour, style or flower variety, or perhaps go all the way and pick a theme such as; medieval, country garden, winter wonderland, baroque or celtic. Whatever the link the continuity of harmony should run throughout.

Maurice Wynne has created this wonderful harmony for so many weddings to date and excels in delighting brides and wedding guests.

Maurice can contacted by dropping an email to maurice@madflowers.com or mobile 0862698285.

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