There are many questions to answer in what can be a highly stressful time.

Why send flowers for a funeral?

Most people like to send flowers to the funeral procession as an expression of respect and sense of loss.

Flowers are a visual expression that you are thinking of the bright and good times you spent with the deceased.

Flowers are a perfect way to reach and comfort the deceased’s family letting them know you are thinking about them at their sad time.

There are many people who are away from the location of the funeral and are unable to make the journey.

Sending flowers to a funeral allows them to participate and send a small message to the family.

Floral letters are also a popular option.
We can make up any combination and the cost is €35 per letter.

How to choose what flowers to send?

Choosing what flowers to send to a funeral can depend on the personality of the deceased or the family.

A wreath would be the traditional display but these days a more popular option is the floral spray.

Again there are options of colours and sizes.
The price is €85 for a large spray. We have smaller options starting at €35 perfect for friends of the family.

A family member may choose to present a white spray, while a family friend or colleagues from work may choose a less formal mixed colours spray.

There is also a growing trend for friends and family members to send a white bouquet to the household of the deceased.

What types of flowers are suitable?

The most popular flowers used in sympathy flower arrangements are Lillie’s, Carnations, Chrysanths, Roses, Calla Lilies and Freesia.

We can also incorporate favourite flower requests into our designs.

What church details are required?

We work with where most funeral details registered.

The most important details are the location and time of the funeral mass.

Some people prefer to send the sympathy arrangements in advance of the church, to the funeral home.

To order one should have:

a) Name of Deceased,
b) Name & Address of Funeral home or Church,
c) Delivery Date.

Some church services are early morning affairs.

If there is a certain time then we will accommodate to your needs.

Just place the time in the message area or call the office.

Should I deliver to funeral home or church?

The church stewards prefer the funeral flowers to arrive with the coffin.

Sending flowers to the funeral home can take some stress off the family as it is one less thing to be organised and transported.

Sometimes word of a death can come at short notice and it is best that our delivery-men deliver to the church directly.

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