Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are amongst the most meaningful flowers you will ever purchase. the importance of these condolence flowers can never be over stated, and will be forever remembered by the bereaved family. The choice of tribute is also sensitive, and we at Mad Flowers will be happy to assist you in this should you be unsure. Sympathy flowers or funeral flowers are available in all colours and sizes which can be viewed on-line. Our experts also make tributes in specific colours or flowers that may have special meaning. Mad Flowers pick the very best flowers, and unless you request otherwise, we will use a selection of blossoms such as Roses Lily’s Freesia, Lysianthus and Gerberas. We can deliver to the family home, Church or indeed the funeral parlour at specified times. If you are unsure of the details we recommend you log in to RIP.ie and we will take it from there. Should you have any queries, please call 1800 123 007 or email us at info@madflowers.com

We specialize in luxury flower varieties at very affordable prices. We carry an extremely varied range of flowers all year round and we also focus heavily on the varieties that still hold true to a set season such as peony roses, scented lilac and stock, celosia and sweet pea. Our in house experts also grow our own summer flowers such as gladioli, sweet William, lilies and sunflowers. Our flowers are freshly picked daily, hand crafted by our superhero florists into beautiful bouquets. These are then gift & aqua wrapped to make them look even prettier. Order condolence flowers from your favorite bouquets here.