Wedding flowers are probably the most important flowers you will ever buy. Don’t worry Maurice the florist at MADflowers has your back with over 30 years’ experience and over 2000 weddings under his belt you can rest assured your wedding flowers will be blissful. Mad flowers import flowers direct from the growers all over the globe which means we can pretty much get any flowers you like at any time of the year. What you need to do … book your date with the venue of your choosing and give us a call every wedding is different but we do them all big average and of course small. We deliver nationwide, we cater to all tastes, and work closely with the venue and planner if necessary and we have an Interesting fact to share ….in over 2000 weddings done to date it has only rained on 2 of them. Mail to discuss in detail.

MADflowers is one of Ireland’s leading brands in flower gifting. We specialize in luxury flower varieties at very affordable prices. Our flowers are freshly picked daily, hand crafted by our superhero florists into beautiful bouquets before being gift wrapped to make them look even prettier and aqua packed so they don’t suffer any stress in transit and of course our big purple safety box is renowned nationwide. We deliver 7 days a week in the greater Dublin area and next working day nationwide. We guarantee the freshness and quality of our blooms and can trace them from harvest to your door.

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