June 6th, 2018

Why You Should Have Flowers In The Office

Did you know that there are many benefits of having flowers in the office? They instantly brighten up the room and improve the atmosphere of an office environment. Flowers in any room makes it more welcoming which is something you would want in your workplace. Continue reading because we’ve put together a list of why your office should have flowers!

 Flowers In The Office

1) They look amazing!

We mentioned above that flowers in any environment will make the room cosier and inviting. So when you, your co-workers or your clients walk in, they can be greeted with bright and beautiful colours that will instantly make them feel comfortable. Especially if it’s a dull Monday morning, flowers can help lift up people’s mood and start the day positively!

2) They improve productivity

Multiple studies show that having flowers in the office can help increase levels of productivity. If you are looking at something that reminds you of nature/outdoor, it can positively affect your innovative thinking and problem solving which overall improves your workload. It kind of makes sense, the more beautiful the environment you are in, the more you’ll be inclined to perform well.

Plantes In Office

3) They reduce stress

Studies have shown that having indoor plants can also boost our mental health, reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety. The presence of plants makes a space more calming to be in. Making us more comfortable and happy to be at work.

4) The clean the air

Introducing plants into the office will also help to increase the air quality in the office, reducing CO2 levels as much as 50%. They also help to reduce dust, bacteria and mould which would otherwise be inhaled by you and your colleagues.


5) An easy way to decorate

Flowers are a cost-effective way of making any interior design change in the office without taking too much time, work and effort. A beautiful bouquet or a small green plant will be instantly noticed once you walk in and will bring the vibrant energy along with it.

If you want to know more about the different flowers you should have in your office, we have a list of them here. Also, did you know that we offer office flowers, event flowers & corporate gifting. So if you need floral designs in your sector, you can call us on 01 813 5959 or 1850 21 21 21 or drop us an email on info@madflowers.com