March 6th, 2018

Sometimes we struggle to find the perfect gift to give to our mothers because we all know that they deserve an entire island. However, most mothers are not fussy with presents and are not looking for anything expensive or extravagant. Giving her something simple yet meaningful from you can mean the entire world to her.

Did you know flowers are one of the best things you can give your mum this Mother’s day? It’s been proven that flowers have the power to lift people’s mood. Have you seen anyone with a grumpy face when they’ve received a beautiful bouquet? No, that’s because flowers make people happy. Giving flowers to your mum is also adding colour to her life. It brightens up the room and the overall atmosphere.

Receiving flowers always gives the feeling of appreciation. Our mothers have done so much for us to get to where we are right now, because if you think about it…where would we be without our mum? So why not remind the number one Queen in your life the love and gratitude you have for her with these beautiful flowers:

Sunflowers: The yellow sunshine flower gives warmth and happiness. Remind your mum how thankful you are for always lighting up your world with her love.

The yellow sunshine flower

Orchids: Orchids represents beauty, fertility and many children which exactly makes a mother. It is said that the pink orchid particularly symbolises grace and femininity.

Orchid at night

Roses: For a long time, roses have been associated with motherhood. The pink rose symbolises grace and admiration while the yellow rose represents joy and friendship.


Carnations: Many believe that this flower is a symbol of a Mother’s eternal love. According to Christian legend, pink carnations first appeared on the ground where Virgin shed tears over the death of her son, Jesus.


Tulips: These colourful flowers are associated with new life and spring. Their grace and beauty have made them another popular choice for Mother’s Day.


Because your mum is the best mum in the world, give her the best flowers there is. Choose from our beautiful range of Mother’s Day bouquets to simply put a smile on her face first thing in the morning. We’re also offering a €26 discount on our Motherday Luxury Rose if you use our special code MOTHERSDAY.

If you’re still looking for ideas on how to spend this Sunday with your mum, we have a list of suggestions here on what to do for Mother’s day because remember, the best love is a mother’s love.