June 14th, 2018

Why you should give your Dad flowers this Father’s Day

When you think of Mothers Day, flowers are the instant go to present to give, but when it comes to Father’s day, not so much. We want to reassure you that there are many masculine flowers and plants to choose from that makes a great gift to give to your dad this Sunday (Father’s Day if you forgot)

Dad And Kid

Flowers brings great joy

We all want the best for our dads, they deserve to receive gifts that will bring them great joy, and a bouquet of flower is just the thing to do so. Many dads are practical and may see a traditional bouquet a waste because they won’t last forever. So what do you do? Send him a plant instead, this is something that he can enjoy for a long while and will always think of you when he does so.

A surprise on Father’s Day

Flowers on Father’s Day are very unexpected. When he’s expecting to receive a mug, socks, a tie or the other common gifts, give him a surprise that will catch him off guard. It’s always good to think outside the box.

Say it without words

Express how you feel to your dad this Father’s day with flowers. The language of flowers has been used for many years to convey messages to one person to another. Did you know red roses stand for love and are the flower of Father’s Day?

 Father’s day with flowers

Nature Lover

If he’s a flower lover, then all of this is no problem. If he is into gardening or enjoying the beauty of nature, flowers should be the instant number one gift to give him.

Remember, Father’s day is all about celebrating everything that he has ever achieved as a dad and reminding him what a fantastic guy he is. Flowers may or may not be the last thing your dad would ever imagine getting this Sunday, but it’s something unexpected that has a personal meaning between the two of you. He is the superman in your life, and sometimes you have to remind him to stop and smell the roses, literally.

Flower lover

If you need help on choosing flowers to give your dad this Father’s day, give us a call on 1850 212121 or pop us an email at info@madflowers.com.