January 9th, 2019

Why we love Tulips

Some argue that tulips are the most gorgeous of all the flowers, and Mad Flowers concur. We share the universal love for these wonderful blossoms, and have created countless bouquets down the years with tulips as the main feature. Tulips can come in any colour, but we particularly love red, pink and all similar shades such as maroon, or salmon.

There are over 75 different species of tulip, and they were first discovered in the area covering Eastern Europe through to Central Asia. The emblem of Iran is in the shape of a tulip, and the shape can also be seen on Turkish airlines, however the flower is mostly associated with the Netherlands. Netherlands is also home to a Tulip festival known as “National Tulip Day”, which takes place on the third Saturday of January every year! Below is one our favorite types of tulip, known as the “Texas Flame”.

Tulips Flower

If you frequently work in your garden or not, you will likely know that Tulips are currently resting beneath the surface after being planted in the fall. We are preparing for their blossom which comes at the start of Spring, and we can’t wait to start crafting bouquets with them. Tulips compliment other flowers very well, particularly roses and gerberas if they are an appropriate, contrasting shade.

Our favorite tulip based bouquet currently is the “Terrific Tulips”. This hand crafted set of flowers was carefully put together by our florists, and is aqua packed for Nationwide Delivery. This gift has been a customer favorite over the years, with the pink tulips suitable for brightening up home or office during a dreary January!

 Terrific Tulips

We also have a brand new offer of 20 Tulips including a glass vase for just €15. You can order this bouquet here.

pink tulip

If you wish to order tulips or any flowers from Mad Flowers, contact Maurice on info@madflowers.com or call 1850 21 21 21. Alternatively you can order any bouquet for delivery from our website here.