Not sure which Christmas Bouquet is perfect for you or your loved one? Why not leave it to the stars..
Ever wondered what the universe has to say about the perfect Christmas bouquet for you? We haven’t either! But now we have and so have you… We’ve done the research, studied the cosmic constellations and matched up each of our 12 Christmas Bouquets to the 12 astrological star signs.

Aries/ March 21 – April 19
Christmas Rustic.

First up, we’ve got Aries! Ironic since they love to be number one…
Aries tend to be direct, uncomplicated and competitive. Which is why we’ve matched them up with our Christmas Rustic Bouquet; uncomplicated and candidly Christmassy! We’ve got the roses, the bobbles, the berries and we’re done! A winner in our eyes, just like Aries.

Taurus/ April 20 – May 20
Christmas Classic Green Blitzen.

Taurus are usually very imaginative and sensual due to being ruled by Venus, a planet that controls love, money and beauty. Taureans are enchanted by lavishness and extravagance! Which is why we’ve matched them up with one of our most luxurious bouquets; our Christmas Classic Green Blitzen; filled with rich reds and greens.

Gemini/ May 21 – June 20
Christmas Classic White Comet.

Busy busy busy! Gemini is symbolised by the celestial twins, which is relevant considering they would need two of themselves to get everything they’re pursuing done! Gemini are very social and can adapt to any group or situation, which is why we’ve chose our Classic White Comet as the bouquet equivalent. It’s got a lot going on but will suit any scene and is beloved by all.

Cancer/ June 21 – July 22
Christmas Snow Drift

We found this one extra fitting due to the coincidence that one of Cancers’ birth flowers is in fact; a white rose. Cancers are also very intuitive, emotional and considerate. A kind species who love cosy spaces. Our Christmas Snow Drift bouquet clearly fits Cancer best; spilling over with white roses and the colours exhibiting nothing but comfort and gentleness.

Leo/ July 23 – August 22.
Christmas Colour.

Leo! The lion! The King/Queen of the jungle! Leo’s are all confidence, passion, drama and strength. We’ve matched Leo with our Christmas Colour bouquet; its bold, contrasting colours and the vast fervid red roses are sure to blaze a trail.

Virgo/ August 23 – September 22
Christmas Frozen.

Sweet, sensitive, and perfectionists by nature, we deemed it only suitable to match Virgo with our Christmas Frozen bouquet. It is full of beautiful artistic details, not a pretty petal out of place; simply perfect. Like Virgos!

Libra/ September 23 – October 22
Christmas Trendy Bouquet.

Libras appreciate balance in all shapes and sizes, and in bouquets! These social, courteous creatures are full of tact and care for appearances. And who can blame them, we all love a life that looks good! The stars are saying its Christmas Trendy for Libra! The bouquet has an air of elegance and symmetry to it that Libra will gush over.

Scorpio/ October 23 – November 21
Nina’s Christmas Vixen.

Scorpio! It’s clear from the name of this bouquet, ‘The Vixen’, that this one is a Scorpio no doubt. Scorpios are vivacious, daring and like to stand out. These flowers are sure to make a statement just like Scorpios.

Sagittarius/ November 22 – December 21
Christmas Yuletide.

Sagittarius are effortlessly magnetic, much like our Yuletide Bouquet. Everyone loves them. They’re confident, positive forces who are natural born leaders. The universe clearly points to Christmas Yuletide as the bouquet counterpart with it’s striking, inviting red and purple roses; exuding power and enthusiasm.

Capricorn/ December 22 – January 19
Christmas Roses.

Unwavering in achieving their goals, this bouquet is most straightforwardly Capricorn. Christmas Roses is exactly what it says it is, just like Capricorns. Also, Christmas day falls under Capricorns reign and so we felt it was fitting to assign them this bundle of festivity.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18
Christmas Pink Prancer.

Aquarians are enigmatic, creative and unique. They thrive from shock value and we’re certain this bouquet has some serious wow factor. Our only Christmas bouquet full of imaginative shades of pink; Pink Prancer is a shoe in for Aquarius.

Pisces/ February 19 – March 20
Christmas Starlight.

Finally, Pisces. Christmas Starlight is full of love and lilies; which are Pisces’ birth flower!
Compassionate and arty; this intricate bouquet is perfect for Pisces.

Go ahead and buy a Christmas bouquet based on your star sign, the universe insists!