August 4th, 2017

Classic, elegant and timeless. These are just 3 of many adjectives we can use to describe how special white roses are. White roses can be sent on many different occasions, and these flowers represent purity and fidelity. Read more and find out when to send white roses and the meaning behind this classic rose.

The meaning behind this classic bouquet

The tradition of giving flowers dates back to the medieval era. At that time, young men used to express their feelings to a possible future lover by offering wild flowers, which could also be gathered for wedding ceremonies as well as for everyday use. It was very common to place bunches of lavender in closets to keep clothes fresh and moths at bay.

In the Victorian Era, the act of sending flowers as a subtle message, and not just as a kind gesture, began to spread throughout England. This was due to the publication of flower dictionaries and books explaining the meaning of flowers and plants. According to Floriography, the language of flowers, white roses express innocence and the purest love. They can also be given as a sign of loyalty and secrecy.

White roses in bridal bouquets

White roses are extremely popular in wedding bouquets as they make timeless, classic and elegant pieces. They are available all year round and come in a variety of sizes. If you are planning to have white roses in your bridal bouquet, we recommend Rose Akito, with a petite head size of 2 to 2.5cm, going up to the larger roses such as Rose Avalanche, with a head size of about 5.5 cm. And then, of course, the amazing large headed roses from Ecuador and Columbia.

When to send white roses?

White roses can be gifted on many different occasions. As mentioned before, they are perfect to celebrate romantic and caring occasions, like anniversaries and special birthdays. They are also an expression of sympathy during both the memorial service and the funeral as they are a sign of respect and remembrance.