August 29th, 2018

Is your wedding anniversary coming up and don’t know what flowers to get your loved one? Or do you have a friend or family member who is celebrating their wedding anniversary in the coming days. Either way we here at Mad Flowers want to ensure you get your recipient the best possible flowers for the occasion, which may even include chocolates or other gift accessories!

We have laid out the traditional flowers for each wedding anniversary, so to make sure your loved one knows how much you love them. We take you through each relevant bouquet from the likes of silver anniversary flowers to ruby anniversary flowers.

Wedding Ring In Flower

Before we do this, we must first remind you of the proper names of each anniversary, so to make sure you are know exactly which one you are buying for! Here is the list of given wedding anniversary names.

• 5th wedding anniversary – Wooden
• 10th wedding anniversary – Tin
• 15th wedding anniversary – Crystal
• 20th wedding anniversary – China
• 25th wedding anniversary – Silver
• 30th wedding anniversary -Pearl
• 35th wedding anniversary – Coral
• 40th wedding anniversary -Ruby
• 50th wedding anniversary – Golden
• 60th wedding anniversary – Diamond


Now that you have passed the first step, let us list out the types of flowers associated with each one of these wedding anniversaries and more.

1st Anniversary Flowers – Carnation
2nd Anniversary Flowers – Cosmos Flower
3rd Anniversary Flowers – Fuchsia
4th Anniversary Flowers – Geranium
5th Anniversary Flowers – Daisies
6th Anniversary Flowers – Calla Lily
7th Anniversary Flowers – Jack in the Pulpit
8th Anniversary Flowers – Clematis
9th Anniversary Flowers – Poppy
10th Anniversary Flowers – Daffodil
11th Anniversary Flowers – Morning Glory
12th Anniversary Flowers – Peony
13th Anniversary Flowers – Hollyhock
14th Anniversary Flowers – Dahlia
15th Anniversary Flowers – Rose
20th Anniversary Flowers – Day Lily
25th Anniversary Flowers – Iris
28th Anniversary Flowers – Orchid
30th Anniversary Flowers – Lily
40th Anniversary Flowers – Gladioli
50th Anniversary Flowers – Yellow Rose/Violet

Now you are all set to get the perfect wedding anniversary bouquet to match up with the occasion. Send flowers online now to celebrate the day, and receive nationwide next day delivery.

We here at Mad Flowers have made the “Wind” bouquet, particularly for wedding anniversaries, and has proved very popular no matter what the year. This is an elegant combination of pristine white flowers, including roses, gerberas, daisies and garden flowers. Pictured below, the wind bouquet is just €59 and can be found here.

Lillies Flowers

To view our full collection of wedding anniversary flowers, visit our wedding anniversary flowers page.