While every day should be a day to celebrate each other and support each other as women, International Women’s Day is coming up, on March 8th, and we’d like to take it as a day to do something extra- to encourage everyone to commemorate the achievements of women before us, while being grateful for the women in our lives who hold us up today. It’s not a major part of Irish culture to celebrate International Women’s Day as much as we do other holidays, but why not make it special this year and make a day of it. Below we’ve laid a few ways to celebrate international women’s day this year, be it with friends, family or on a personal level, there’s something small everyone can do.


Celebrate With Others. 

Spend Time With Women You Admire.

Whether it’s your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend or best friend, why not spend international women’s day with them! Organise a special day with your girls and do something you love together. IWD doesn’t have to be romantic at all, in fact, it’s usually not, but it can be anything you want. It can be a father taking his daughters to the cinema or for dinner, a mother-daughter day out, or just friends getting together and enjoying each other’s company! While it’s important to remember International Women’s Day as a day of women empowerment, it’s also a day to appreciate the women in your life and to appreciate yourself as a woman. Perhaps do something kind for a woman who deserves it! Show your love and appreciation with a gift, something small like flowers or chocolates, it would be a great way to honour them and show them you care. Get a Madflowers bouquet delivered to your best friend’s door because you love having her in your life, or for your daughters to show them they matter. Any token of recognition will do. Check out our special International Women’s Day Flowers for just €25 and order one for delivery to the doorstep of a special lady in your life. 


Go To An IWD Event With Friends.

Every year, many industries take part in hosting events centred around celebrating International Women’s Day, which is great for us because it means there are tons of interesting and fun events we can check out. Grab your friends and go to a feminist talk or exhibition, or go to any one of the many events being held. You can check them all out on Eventbrite if you click the link below and you’ll find all sorts of events for all types of interests, ranging from poetry readings, soul circles, and women’s day pole dancing classes to business networking events, film screenings, and debates, all set up for the purpose of empowering and celebrating women.



Commemorate In Private. 

Donate To Less Fortunate Women

While many have the luxury of celebrating on International Women’s Day, some are struggling to get by and living on the streets or in poverty-stricken countries. While here in Ireland, and other first world countries, most women are very fortunate in that we have a lot of opportunities available to us, a roof over our heads, and a good way of life, but in many worse off countries women are living in poverty and are being denied simple education and health care. Donate to help out the women in these countries or donate to a local women’s shelter this International Women’s Day to help women less fortunate than yourself.


Learn About Women’s Achievements From The Past.

Educating yourself on women’s success in film & art, or reading the words of empowering women from the past or the present could be a simple way to commemorate International Women’s Day while also learning something new. Or perhaps watching movies that paved the way for women in film, from the first female film directors or actresses. Hopefully, they’ll leave you feeling inspired and empowered afterward! A little research will offer you tons of information on inspiring women and their works, you might surprise yourself with what you find.  


Celebrate At Work.

Watch Empowering Female Talks & Speeches.

Don’t be shy to suggest to your office or boss to do something small to commemorate International Women’s Day. Screen a few inspiring female empowerment talks or speeches to get everyone feeling motivated. 


Acknowledge Your Business’ Women On Your Online Platforms.

Something small is to commemorate the women at work! Post a profile of each woman in your business on your social media or in a blog post on your website, detailing that they’re appreciated at work. Perhaps post your company’s gender balance statistics alongside those of your industries to compare, and show you’re doing your part! 


Any of the above acts are great ways of taking part in a time honoured holiday, and will definitely leave you feeling a little warmer in your heart. We’re wishing you a great International Women’s Day, from all of us here at Madflowers!