June 6th, 2019

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes inspiration to change up our flower arrangements from the traditional glass vase. Flowers have the ability to brighten an entire room, but the vase that holds these flowers often goes overlooked. Just because your flowers are the main attraction doesn’t mean that your vase can’t also have a part in the show. We’ve seen a lot of interesting ways to display flowers, but we found a few of our favorites to share with you. Here are 7 fun and easy ways to up your flower arrangement game.

1. Transform an old vase with wine bottle corks.

If you have an old vase lying around and are looking for an excuse to have an extra glass of wine, then this DIY is perfect for you. For this project, you’ll need to start saving the corks from your wine bottles. Then all you need is some industrial glue, an old or boring vase, and 20-30 corks. This new use for the corks make a rustic-chic look for your flower arrangement, serving as the perfect centerpiece for your table this summer.

vase with wine bottle corks

  2.  Old chests or baskets

If you have an old picnic basket or decorative box that you can’t seem to find a purpose for but you love it too much to give it away, then here’s a great new use for it. Take your new flowers and gently arrange them so that they rest nicely in the basket. The roughness of the wicker from baskets accentuates the softness of flowers to create a juxtaposed display that we love.

Old chests or baskets

  3. Glass bottles

Here’s a new way to recycle your glass bottles! Give your empty glass bottles a second life by taking a few flowers from your main arrangement and placing them individually into each bottle. Your glass bottles don’t have to be the same size to pull this display off. Just make sure that if your glass bottle has a label, you peel it off carefully and wash off any residue so that you get a nice, clean look. This bottle display allows each flower to shine through while still allowing them to compliment each other.

coke vase

4.  Pitchers

If you have a pitcher that you no longer use, don’t let it go just yet. Pitchers can serve as a very simple yet beautiful display for your flower arrangement. You can take a plain pitcher and add monochromatic flowers for a balanced and soft look, or you can take a pitcher with a loud pattern and pair it with brightly colored flowers for an eye-catching display.


5.  An old bucket

Buckets are not commonly associated with beautiful flower arrangements, but in the age of chic and whimsical rustic garden parties, these two things pair together harmoniously. Similarly to the basket display, the starkness of an old wooden bucket or the industrial look of a copper bucket bring out the delicateness of the flower arrangement. This display is perfect for an outdoor garden party or a rustic-chic themed event.


6.  A beverage or champagne cooler

When you’re not using your beverage cooler for its usual purpose, you can use it as a grand and striking way to display your flower arrangement. Despite the fact that your flowers are being put into a container that is supposed to hold drinks, this display creates an elegant and grandiose centerpiece that will be perfect for your next dinner party.


7.  Sugar Bowl

Like the champagne bucket, a sugar bowl serves as a quirky yet elegant way to display your smaller flower arrangements. This display is great if you either have a small arrangement, or if you wish to take a section from your main arrangement to place elsewhere in your house to create a cohesive look between your flower displays.


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