September 5th, 2018

Low maintenance house plants can be difficult to find. We understand you want something that is long lasting, requires little watering or trimming is affordable, but also stands out! Many Irish hallways or window sills are decorated with amazing house plants, which are often subtle yet significant. Finding a plant with a gorgeous scent or amazing blend of colours is vital to creating the right environment in your home. Here are the top 5 indoor plants for your home.

Peace lily
Interestingly, Peace lilies are actually members of the Araceae family, with its name coming from how similar its appearance is to the flowers of the cala lily. This is an extremely popular household plant, it’s elegant white blooms contrasting beautifully with the dark green leaves to make for a must have potted plant for any room in the house. This is low maintenance as it does not require much Sun, requiring moderately moist soil to keep the leaves from going brown! View our selection of lillies

Geraniums are very easy to care for. They do require lots of light, but not much water. Geraniums are some of the most popular flowers in Ireland, and are ideal to have inside a home due to their gentle, flowing, yet fluorescent disposition. They are not exactly elegant in stature, and will grow outside of their pot given the right sunlight, so position them where they can blossom freely!


Jasmine may not always be associated with indoor plants, but with the right blossom can be a unique and stunning house plant. Jasmine also has the added perk of its popular scent, if given the right amount of Sun throughout the day. White blossoms are the most common type in this area of the world; we recommend seeking it out and giving it a try!

Jasmine Flowers

Mad Flowers is mad about Orchids. This is our favourite house plant, for its strong nature, and sophisticated white appearance. Orchids require watering, and to kept in a warmer room in the house, but are worth the time when at their peak of blossom. View our collection of Orchids.


Hibiscus is often associated with tropical regions or subtropical regions, as well as been a popular blend of tea. However in the right conditions, hibiscus can be the perfect home decoration in the form of a potted plant. These are showy flowers, elegant in their colour, soft in their texture, making for a summery warm feel to brighten up your home. They do not last long, so enjoy their blossoms while you can. We recommend warm colours such as orange, red or yellow.

Hibiscus Flowers

Aloe makes for a more traditional house plant. The thick pointed leaves are long lasting, as they retain water well, and can make for a large indoor plant given the right sunlight. The aloe vera is perhaps the most popular, being small and formidable, mostly seen on window sills around the house.

Traditional house plant