February 7th, 2019

Still havn’t bought your Valentines flowers? Dont worry! Mad Flowers are here to help you pick out the perfect bouquets for Valentines Day. Our experts specialise in romantic flowers, and we always get asked this time of year what are the best flowers to send your loved one. Have a look below for our recommendations on what to get for your date this year.

  1. Red Roses


The most popular flowers to gift on Valentines Day have always been roses. The red roses signifies passion and affection, meaning there is no surprise it is the go to gift in Ireland and worldwide for Valentines. Gift it with chocolates or perhaps a teddy bear and make for the ultimate gift of love to your partner. Purchase this bouquet here.

Red Rose

  1. White Roses


Most people will want to stick with the theme of Roses this year, but why not try find an equally romantic shade as the traditional red. White Roses have gone down a treat recently. Once known as the flower of everlasting love, these luscious flowers are becoming a more and more popular Valentines gift. Purchase this bouquet.

White Rose

  1. Multi Colour Roses


Roses are Roses, no matter the colour. This is why we think that combining some of the brightest colours roses for a bouquet is an amazing Valentines idea. Stand out from the crowd with the most eye catching roses you could imagine, and go that extra mile for your loved one! Get your hands on this bouquet now.

Multi Colour Roses

  1. Tulips


If you are not the roses type, or want to be slightly different in 2019, tulips should be your go to option. Tulips are not too dissimilar to roses, which is likely what draws people to them as Valentines gifts. They are also a more affordable option than roses, and come in equally romantic colours. Get this bouquet delivered for Valentines Day.


  1. Lilies


Lillies might be the most popular flower, and can be perfect for Valentines Day if used correctly. The best way to use lilies in a valentines bouquet is to combine white lilies with red roses, which compliment each other beautifully. Along with this, you can get into the Valentines spirit with this pink assortment above.

pink Lilies

Whatever you choose let Mad Flowers get it right for you. View our full list of Valentines products here and order now for delivery anywhere in Ireland.