July 4th, 2018

With the good weather in Ireland seemingly here to stay, we’ve picked out the 5 most prominent bulbs you’ll see flowering this July. Ideally you will have planted these bulbs back in the Spring time (which may have been hard in all that snow!), and are now seeing your garden filled with beautiful exotic colours stemmed from around the world.


  1. Gladiolus

The Gladiolus is prominent in most gardens because of its perennial nature. If treated right, this bulb produces flowers that will be lighting up gardens in July and August for years after its planted. This member of the iris family is popular in potted plants but is not unfamiliar to vases too; ideal for a kitchen or conservatory window.



  1. Crocosmia


Another member of the iris family, this beautiful, bright foliage originates in parts of Africa including Madagascar.  They usually flower in June but will keep spreading all through out the summer months without much maintenance required


  1. Allium


Allium bulbs produce stunning purple flowers seen prominentaly across Ireland over the summer. The most appealing aspect of these flowers is the ability to cut them and add them to a bouquet, even after they have died. These can only be planted in the fall, so be proactive in creating your garden for Summer 2019!

	allium flowers

    1. Cannas


Cannas are ideal to have ready for the summer because of their exotic colours. These perennials can be kept for a long time once moved to a warm place for the winter. A traditional fathers day gift in Thailand, these bulbs can produce up to 19 flowers such as the White Canna and the Water Canna



  1. Freesia


These are stunning yet delicate exotic flowers native to the East of Africa. It is recommended to keep these in a greenhouse or more likely a conservatory, and have a vase life once cut of up to 3 weeks. Ideally these will  be planted in April and then seen flowering Later in July/August.