It’s always nice to have flowers and plants around the house to add character and colour to the place. However, there are also many benefits to growing them indoors such as reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity and removing harmful compounds in the air. It’s often hard to know which flowers are best to grow indoors which is why we compiled a list of our top 5 with the help of award-winning florist, Maurice Wynne.

African Violet

One of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow is the Saintpaulia Ionantha, most commonly known as the African Violet. There are many different varieties and forms which bloom all year round with very little effort. While this flowering plant does not require a lot of maintenance, they do prefer warmer conditions and sunlight. Another point to note would be to plant the African Violet in a container which allows water to seep into the soil from the bottom as the leaves tend to turn brown when they come into contact with cold water. We would recommend storing this plant by a bright window so that you give it the best possibility to flourish year-round.

Growing Conditions: Medium to bright light & keep soil evenly moist.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is another popular houseplant, particularly for beginners as it’s so easy to grow. They begin to bloom in the early summer with white flowers being produced and will continue to bloom throughout the year. Like the African Violet, Peace Lilies prefer warm conditions however keep them away from direct sunlight as leaves can develop brown tips if they are exposed to excessive light. However, if the flowers have not seen any blooms, the flower may not be getting enough light. With Peace Lilies, it’s all about finding that happy-medium. We’d highly recommend repotting your plant every spring so that it can enjoy the benefits of fresh soil every year.

Growing Conditions: Keep away from direct sunlight & keep soil evenly moist – avoid overwatering.


Anthurium are an exotic-looking houseplant which will add to the aesthetics and character of your loving home. They are known for their tropical blooms and floral spikes and believe it or not, they are easier to grow and maintain than one might think. As Anthuriums originated in a tropical climate, they require to be kept in a humid environment. However, if this is not possible it is easy to create with a pebble tray and spraying the plant with mist daily. Unlike many houseplants, Anthurium soil does not have the need to be moist all of the time as this may cause the root to rot. It is important to only water the plant when the soil is dry to touch. Like the Peace Lily, they need to be kept away from direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to burn. However, they need to be kept in a brightly lit area so as not to slow down their growth. If you’re looking for an eye-catching houseplant, the Anthurium and it’s wax-like exaotic blooms are perfect for you.

Growing Conditions: Humid environment, brightly lit area (avoid direct sunlight) and water only when soil is dry.


hese are one of the harder plants to grow indoors due to their maintenance demands however, the tropical beauty of the Hibiscus blooms will be worth every minute. If cared for, this plant can last decades indoors. As they are tropical plants, they require a few hours of direct sunlight a day and warmth to thrive. This is important to note if you want your plant to last through winter as you must offer additional light and warmth to the plant during this time. We’d recommend getting a fluorescent light and placing it as close to the plant as possible. Like the Anthurium, the Hibiscus plant can suffer from root rot if overwatered. You must allow the soil to dry up between waterings to avoid this. The plant will also require weekly feeding during it’s growth period of March – October. If maintained, this tropical plant will bloom and flourish in the home.

Growing Conditions: Bright lights and direct sunlight, warmth, fertilize weekly during growth period and allow soil to dry between watering.


Geraniums are another flowering houseplant which will require some, but not a lot of maintenance to ensure they flourish and bloom indoors. When given adequate light, geraniums can sport blooms indoors all year round. These are the types of plants which can be exposed to sunlight constantly. If access to light is restricted, it is recommended to supplement this using a fluorescent light so that it may thrive and bloom. Geraniums also favour drying out between watering and should not be overwatered to avoid root rot.

Growing Conditions: Bright lights year round and dry soil between watering.


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