August 22nd, 2018

After the continued popularity of The Bloom Festival in earlier in the summer, We decided to take a look at some of the most popular flower festivals that take place around Europe every year. They range from countries like Netherlands to places further south such as Greece and Italy. Here are our 5 favourite flower festivals in Europe.

1. Temps De Flor, Girona, Spain

The reason we love this festival is its unique setting. Lining the streets of Girona with brightly lit flower arrangements makes for a popular two week season with the tourists and locals. The individual contribution from the Catalonian residents adds a great deal of heart and personality to this festival.

Temps De Flor, Girona, Spain

2. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof is famous around the world for its beautiful gardens. The setting is a gorgeous landscape of 19th century gardens just beside the stunning city of Amsterdam. The gardens as a whole are open for around 8 weeks each spring and we recommend ticking them off your bucket list as soon as possible! There is also a parade day, which can spoil your tranquil visit, or just add to the excitement of the holiday!

Keukenhof, Netherlands

3. Chelsea Flower Show, England

It is no secret that the Chelsea flower show is one of the most popular flower festivals in the world, if not THE most popular. The association with the royal family adds to the prestige of the event which sells out a year in advance every year. There is a wide range of exhibits including stunning pieces of architecture made entirely from flowers. If you are lucky enough to bag a ticket, this is one flower festival not to miss.

Chelsea Flower Show, England

4. Festa De Flor, Madeira, Portugal

This festival takes place shortly after Easter every year, with it being far more than a just flower festival given the food, music and activities to accompany the flower pieces. Floats line the streets of Madeira in magnificent parades. If you are visiting the island (formerly known as the island of flowers), make sure to go during Spring!

Festa De Flor, Madeira, Portugal

5. Nice Carnival’s “Battle de Fleurs”, France

The South of France has often been a popular holiday destination with Irish tourists. Many often flock to the Nice Carnival for its well regarded flower parade. This is whats known as “the battle of the flowers”, and has been around since 1867! As you can see from the picture, there are some magnificent displays of creativity.

Nice Carnival’s “Battle de Fleurs”, France