November 30th, 2017
Christmas MadFlowers

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and despite the cold winter, the festive season still manages to bring out the warmth and joy in others. Mad Flowers have created a list that will help you bring the Christmas Spirit to your home with our top four Christmas flowers.

1) Poinsettia: The red poinsettia is the most common flower to be used as a decoration for Christmas. It can be used on your Christmas tree, your Christmas mantle garland, on your Christmas wreath and on almost anything that you can think of! It is believed that the shape of the flower represents the star that guided the three wise men to the birth of baby Jesus and the colour red signifies the blood of Christ.


2) Lilies: Placing lilies in a room can add brightness and cheer during winter which is exactly what you need for Christmas. Combine the lilies with some Rose Red Berries and Christmas Pines to add that festive smell to your home. We strive to make our homes a Winter Wonderland at Christmas and with the addition of one of our fabulous bouquets we always get that perfect festive feel in our homes.

Frozen Flowers

3) Roses: As you know, roses are the number one most popular flower in the world, and this type of flower is ideal for Christmas. If you want a warm seasonal vibe in the room, red roses will do the trick along with Christmas berries and greens, something like our Special Christmas Bouquet. If you want something different from the traditional seasonal colours, white roses will give you the winter-wonderland vibe.

Christmas Flowers

4) Mistletoe: For many years, it has been accepted to kiss the person standing under the mistletoe. It’s a famous Christmas tradition that dates back to ancient Norse mythology. They say that it will bring you good luck if you don’t break the tradition of kissing. So go ahead and hang a mistletoe in your house, maybe above your front door to properly greet your guests.

These are just a few of the many flowers associated with the Christmas season. Flowers are simple to use as decorations for the holidays and to bring the festive feeling to your home. And also why not spread the Christmas Spirit to your loved ones by sending them beautiful handcrafted bouquets from our choices of Christmas flowers. Our Christmas bouquets are available for delivery from the 15th of December but you can pre-order now. For more information mail us at or call us 1850 212121. 003531 8135959