We didn’t realize how many date ideas and options there are for Valentine’s until we had to think about it for this blog post. There are literally endless possibilities, and we’re here to share them with you, so you can have the perfect date! If you’re currently looking around at what restaurant to book in with for the big Valentine’s Day date, as we have been, then before you do; first take a minute to have a read below of 20 things to do on Valentine’s Day, and see how much else there is to do on this love-filled day. 

There are so many activities to suit whatever your interests are and for whatever your budget is. There’s no reason Valentine’s has to be expensive unless you want it to be! As great as a classic dinner out is, and we mention it below as a viable option, what’s the harm in seeing what else is out there and trying something new this Valentine’s day?

A Class/Educational Date

Explore new hobbies this Valentine’s day! There are tons of activities and classes out there for you to try out. If you’re a pair of love birds who love trying new things and are up for anything, taking up a class for Valentine’s Day is the perfect date.

1.Art Class

Release your inner Picasso and take a romantic painting or drawing class together. This can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re interested in art already. Don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy being together! Maybe try to draw each other and hold onto your Valentine’s portraits forever. Just be careful not to draw each other too badly or feelings may be hurt! 

2. Dance Class

Take up a ballroom dancing class and learn to move elegantly together while gazing into each other’s eyes… *swoon! Or get your blood rushing and heart racing in a salsa or tango dance session, ooh la la! 

3. Cooking Class

Learn a useful life skill like cooking! Take a cooking class together, or maybe even start a course, and never spend a fortune on dinner again! Choose cooking over takeaways going forward and better each other’s health.

4. Yoga Class

If you’re both in need of some self-care and love, take a yoga class together! Steal romantic glances at each other in between stretches! 

An Adventurous Date

If you’re a couple who loves to stay active, loves being outdoors, and enjoys everything mother nature has to offer; why not take Valentine’s day as the perfect opportunity to do something you both love together! 

5. Rock Climbing

There are tons of indoor sports centers that have artificial walls ready for the taking. Explorium is a great one to look into, with great science exhibitions to check out too, if you need a break from scaling walls.

6. Hike

Get your hiking boots on and hit the hills. Breathe in the fresh air this Valentine’s Day, if you’re not afraid of the cold! 

7. Glamping

We’d suggest camping but it is freezing out there and we care about you too much to suggest such madness! Glamping is, essentially, all the fun of camping but you get to sleep in an indoor enclosure. Build a bonfire and get cozy with your Valentine.

A Games Date

If you enjoy a bit of healthy competition, check these out for Valentine’s date inspiration.

8. Mini-Golf

Something you may not think of to do is mini-golf, but there are quite a few mini-golf centers around Dublin, indoors of course, and they have proved to be a lot of fun. Kiss on the course and pretend you’re Tiger Woods.  

9. Arcade Games

A great place for an arcade date is Token in Smithfield. Here you can enjoy a meal if you like, if not you can enjoy some drinks, all while walking about and checking out cool vintage arcade games to play together.

10. Games Night In

If you’d rather stay in and keep the competition on your turf; get the monopoly* out, open up a bottle of wine, and let the games begin… *any board game will do.

11. Bowling & Quasar

Reclaim your childhood and hit up Leisureplex! Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned game of bowling, followed by quasar and chicken nuggets? 

A Relaxing Date

If you’ve both been working hard and are in desperate need of some TLC, treat yourself and your other half to a little something special this Valentine’s Day. 

12. Couples Massage

A massage can be life-changing! De-stress with an all-out spa day, hang around in your robes and relax together, and have all the stress rubbed out of you. Check out Groupon for great deals and offers.

13. Hotel Holiday

If you want to mark the occasion and have some cash to splash, a trip to a hotel together is a super romantic experience and will feel like a much needed holiday. 

A Dinner Date

Food. Enough said.

14. Themed Dinner In

Plan a themed evening to add some allure to the classic dinner in, and hone in on a specific cuisine. If you couldn’t make it to Paris itself, bring Paris to you; cook crepes, pick up some macarons from Laduree and pretend you’re in the city of love. Or make homemade pizzas and pasta, watch Roman Holiday and be in Italy for the night! 

15. Dinner Out

If you’ve got a fondness for opulence or couldn’t be bothered cooking, there are endless choices of romantic restaurants with amazing food and great wine. Read our previous blog for our top 5. A classic Valentine’s date that everyone enjoys; getting dressed up and going for a hearty meal out with some drinks. 

A Group Date

16. Host A Wine & Cheese Game’s Night With Friends

I recently randomly partook in a game of charades with my friends and things got exciting in no time. I was surprised at how much fun I had! Give it a go with another couple or two and play in teams! Pop open the wine, bring out the cheese, and have a ball.

17. Karaoke Night Out

If you’re brazen enough to sing, and if not; get a few drinks in and you soon will be, Karaoke is a blast! Follow the night by hitting the club. If you’re a wild pairing who loves to hit the town, why not do it together, get drunk and hit the dance floor together. 

A Show-Stopping Date

18. Play/Musical

If you’re a fan of the theatre, check out what plays or musicals are being shown in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Olympia Theatre, Gaiety Theatre or Liberty Hall Theatre (there’s more), follow the event with a few drinks and a discussion of the night’s show. 

19. Comedy

If you both love a good laugh, and who doesn’t, a comedy show will put you in the best mood. There are often comedy shows on in the Laughter Lounge that will be sure to tickle your funny bone. 

20. Movie Night Out or In.

Love film but would like to go out? A cinema Valentine’s date can be a great excuse to catch the latest movie that you’ve been wanting to see. Getting cozy in a dark setting with popcorn and fizzy drinks, who wouldn’t love it. Do a movie marathon at home if you’d rather get cozy on the couch and save some cash.


As you now know, there are so many things to do on Valentine’s day! Go with one idea or a combination of a few and you’ll be fully prepped and primed for the big day, and of course; don’t show up without a gift! Check out our Valentine’s range for bouquets, chocolates, and teddies to offer as a little something extra. Click here for Valentine’s Day events around Dublin, from sculpting, screenings, and singles nights, plenty is going on in the city that’s worth checking out.