February 11th, 2018

There is a language that is spoken by us all.

You see it when a bus driver slows down and waits for the young boy who was running for his life just to catch the bus. You taste it when a mother cooks breakfast for her little son before he goes to school, despite being tired from her long shift the night before. You hear it when a student comforts their friend because he didn’t do well on his test, even though his failure almost crippled him. You feel it when everybody in your group of friends is busy with work or family yet they still all manage to come together and plan a birthday surprise for you.

And what is that language? It is love.

Love Flowers

We have the choice every day to use this language; we decide how we treat the people around us. The simple gestures of smiling, saying please and thank you or have a beautiful day to someone you know or to a stranger can mean so much to someone. From the little things or the big things, making someone feel loved has always been a beautiful power every person holds.

 Nowadays we see more bad news than good news on the television. It may or may not be happening outside our doors, but the one thing we can do to make this world a better place is to consider how we make other people feel. This universal language that we all have in common is a gift that we should use every day. Let’s be more kind, understanding and have respect for one another.

Follwers at night

So as we celebrate the month of love, ask yourself how you can you make someone’s day?Here in Mad Flowers, we’re always a firm believer that giving flowers is one of the simplest forms of sharing the love, whether it’s to a friend, colleague or a  special someone in your life. If you want to make someone smile on a special day or any other day, go on and send some them some flowers.