February 1st, 2018

Words or pictures have never entirely embraced the absolute beauty and richness of the red rose. The red rose is no doubt one of the most beautiful among all the roses. All roses carry warmth, affection and love in varying degrees. But the red rose, being the queen of roses, is the most popular and beloved of all. It has all kinds of myths and legends as they have flourished for over 35 million years and is admired all over the world.

During the Roman and Greek times, red roses were considered to be very expensive and luxurious. It was only available to the rich and noble people back then and was also an inspiration for painters and poets. It was believed that roses were created from the tears of  Aphrodite (Venus) the goddess of love and the blood of her lover, Adonis. Cleopatra was also very fond of roses, particularly their petals as she would have them spread all over her bedroom to seduce her beloved Mark Anthony. Red roses were also used for inspiration for painters, poets and writers such as Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein and Robert Burns just to name a few classic ones.

Red Rose

Around the 18th Century, a special rose language developed in Ottoman, Turkey as a means of communication between lovers who were forced by society to keep their feelings a secret. The red rose with thorns came to symbolise a true love that would stand the test of time and can outlive all obstacles.

The traditional red rose is often the best option for expressing your heartfelt affection for your special someone. If you send a single red rose or a bouquet of bright, beautiful reds, surprise your loved one for a romantic occasion, or better yet, because you just want to. Most would agree that a red rose signifies passion and affection but did you know the number of roses you give someone also has a meaning?

– One red rose indicates “love at first sight.”

– Two red roses tied together symbolises mutual love and affection.

– Three red roses express the words “I love you.”

– A dozen red roses is another way of saying “be mine”

– Twenty-five red roses show congratulations.

– Fifty-red roses symbolise unconditional love.

More Roses

So before you give someone some red roses flowers, consider their meaning and make sure you are sending them the right message!

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