March 21st, 2019

We all know that Mothers deserve atleast a day that belongs to themselves every year, but did we always celebrate them like we do in modern day? Many people think that big corporations came up with Mothers Day just to sell cards and products, but in fact the history is behind it is much more intricate!


Who came up with Mother’s Day is long winding battle through history, which even at one stage went to Court! Anna Jarvis is credited with creating the holiday in 1905, the same year here Mother Died. Jarvis was a peace activist, who worked with wounded soldiers. She held a memorial for her Mother in St. Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, with the church now holding the International Mothers Day shrine. West Virginia was also the first state to recognise Mothers day as an official holiday. Jarvis once had 33 impending Mothers Day lawsuits, as she lawyered up to protect her intellectual property.


Did You Know?

Mothers Day is celebrated on Different days all around the World. Most Eastern European countries celebrate it in conjunction with “International Women’s Day” on the 8th of March. The majority of Countries, including the USA celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. Some even celebrate it as late as December! Here in Ireland, we take the 4th Sunday in Lent to dedicate to our Mothers. Only the UK and Nigeria share the celebrations on this date.

Mothers Day


The tradition of giving flowers to your Mother also goes back to Jarvis, whose favorite flower was the carnation. Since then, there has been no better way to signify your love for your Mother than a fresh Bouquet on that Sunday morning. Whatever the flowers (preferably Mum’s favorite!), the effort is what counts in showing your appreciation.

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