1.Helping To Spread Happiness

It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that we are helping to spread generosity, happiness and love around. Think of a time when you received a lovely bunch of flowers (or any gift for that matter) from someone, whether it was your birthday or totally unexpected, there’s no better feeling than knowing someone cares about you. We are a part of that feeling and that in and of itself is what makes us love what we do. 

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           2. Express Your Creativity

Flower arranging truly is our passion and our creative outlet. Our  master florists have spent years perfecting their craft and making a name for themselves in the industry. This is because our bouquets are quirky, unique and stand out from the traditional. We love coming up with different bouquet designs and experimenting with everything from flower and colour combinations to the shape of the bouquets. Even coming up with the names of our bouquets is fun!



           3. No Two Days Are The Same

This profession never gets boring, every day there are completely different orders to be filled, going to different places and for different reasons. Although there is a uniformity to our bouquets (we take great care to ensure every bouquet matches the image & description), we never know what bouquets are going to be ordered on any given day or sometimes we have huge events coming up that want something bespoke (think flower walls & weddings) making each day interesting!


          4. Being A Part Of Something Special

We can’t tell you how privileged we are to be a part of some of the most important days in our customer’s lives. From creating the perfect flower arrangements for someone’s wedding day to even the little moments in someone’s life, like giving flowers to a neighbour who helped them out one day, we love hearing our customer’s stories and being a part of special memories for them.

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           5. Being Surrounded By What You Love

This one goes without saying (but we’re going to talk about it anyway), being surrounded each day by stunning fresh flowers is wonderful. You’re environment really has an affect on how you feel and it’s hard not feel super happy working somewhere filled with something that is not only lovely to look at but that genuinely gives you joy. 

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