Our lives have plenty of stress, doom and gloom without us adding to it, why instead don’t we directly combat the things that bring us down by inserting a little bit of joy into our everyday environment.

This year, bring Summer home that little bit faster, with the help of Mad Flowers.

Summer is the season of holidays, sunshine, Aperol spritz, ice-cream and of course, blooming flowers. You cannot deny the rush of excitement as the plants in your garden that have been dull for months suddenly start to produce buds, or when the trees on your road, which have been bare for what seems like forever, start to look that little bit greener.

Pretty soon you’ll look out your window and be greeted with a glorious array of a full rainbow of colours. This can only mean one thing, Summer has finally arrived, why miss out on the fun?

Celebrate this change in season by adding to your home garden, by surprising a loved one with one of the many gifts available on the Mad Flowers website or, even better still, celebrate Summer by treating yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers; designed with love and expertly arranged by hand just for you.

A lot of us have recently been forced to engage in a great deal more digital activities than we ever even knew existed before. We have spent so much time in the world of Zooms, group web-chats, emails, online quizzes, Microsoft Teams paint-parties, live-streamed cooking classes and social media fitness plans. With these ever-growing hectic online social schedules, we run the risk of disconnecting ourselves from the beauty and rejuvenating powers of the natural world.

Let’s move the wonders of nature, flowers and plants away from the edges of our minds and put them in pride of place.

Mad Flowers allows you to bring the full spectrum of Summer colours into your own hands, your home and your heart. What better time of year than Summer to dive head-first into the wonder that even the simplest flower arrangement can bring, this season – their colours have never been more vivid and varied, their scents have never been more refreshing and the joy they elucidate has never been more important.

With a massive range of styles, prices and even non-floral gifts, Mad Flowers truly has something on offer for everyone and anyone who wants a treat and a little bit of cheering up. Sometimes it is the smallest things we do that make the biggest difference, so why not make someone’s day with a Summer-y bouquet, a box of Irish chocolates, or even send a little Teddy Bear to cuddle those you may not have been able to cuddle for quite some time. Mad Flowers makes all of this possible with delivery all over Ireland.

The past year has made outdoor activities more essential than ever.

We have all been forced to re-configure how we see our social lives, turning away from the pubs, cinemas and restaurants in favour of hill climbing, sea swimming, walking in local parks, and perhaps even a few cheeky cans by the canal.

In an era defined by upheaval and change, there is one major constant in the things we have found joy in over the past few months and that is the wonderful world of nature. We have found a new appreciation for the countless beauties of the natural world. Without doubt some of our best memories of the past twelve months have taken place in outdoor settings.

We have powered through rain, hail and sunshine, packing picnics, taking garden chairs in the back of our cars, getting used to drinking pints in take-away cups in an effort to salvage a bit of normality in our strange lockdown lifestyles. Hopefully, as we move closer and closer to the Summer months we can look forward to less rain and hail and much more sunshine, less cold and more warmth, less dreary grey and more vibrant colour.

What better way to manifest the brightness and glory of Summer than with a beautiful hand-crafted, Irish designed Mad Flowers bouquet. Bring the happiest season of the year into your home with a stunning floral arrangement on the dining room table, make your hallway as inviting as possible with an eye-catching potted plant, or let your living room smell like Summer with an artisanal Irish-made floral scent diffuser.

There is no end to the possibilities and new life that Summer brings. With Mad Flowers the colour and excitement that this season brings is right at your fingers tips and delivered to your doorstep.