September 19th, 2018

September Flower Of The Month – Lily

This month we are celebrating the wonderful existence of the lilium, aka lilies. Lillies come in such a a wide variety; grown from bulbs, bulbils and bulblets; and blossoming into any colour imaginable. Lilies primarily have their origins in the Northern Hemisphere, but have also been known to grow in the northern sub tropics.

Flower Of The Month

These perennial flowers tend to bloom from Summer to Fall, whilst best planted in the Autumn a few weeks before Winter sets in. One of the most popular lilies, the “lilly of the valley”, is actually not a lily at all, likewise with the “water lily” and comes from the nymphaeaceae rather than the lillium.

The most fragrant of the lilies are the orientals or the trumpets. The spicy scent makes the orientals some of the most popular types of lilies worldwide, whilst the trumpets give off a more natural, light aroma.

perennial flowers

A few tips and facts on lilies include keeping them away from your cats, especially if planted in the garden as even a small amount of pollen can be toxic to your pet. Lilies are a symbol of good luck in Japan, have certain medical benefits, as well as a few different bulbs actually been edible.

Mad Flowers offers a variation of lilies, including red, white and pink lilies. Our favourite are the white lilies, seen most prominently in our “Wind” Bouquet. Lilies mix best with roses, gerberas or daisies; or a combination of all them. Our “Rose and Lily Red” Bouquet offers something different, with red lilies mixed with red roses and Irish foliage to create a unique blend suitable for any romantic occasion.

 Wind Bouquet.

Lilies are special, so we think they deserved to have the month dedicated to them. If you purchase any Lily bouquet from us, make sure to share it on Facebook and Tag Mad Flowers!