This week we explore some thoughtful yet practical ways to help cancer patients feel better. This month, we are helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer as ‘Pink Patrons’ of The Marie Keating Foundation to provide financial assistance to cancer patients. If you’d like to provide financial assistance to cancer patients please get involved with the Think Pink campaign. Small gestures such as you buying our Rose & Lily Pink Bouquet will help significantly! You’ll also be entered into the draw to win a Hot Stone Massage in one of Ireland’s top day spas.

The Do’s

  1. Make Some Hearty Meals For Them

Winter is almost here! How about cook their favourite meal? Perhaps Shepherd’s pie or their favourite hearty soup. The good thing about gifting food items is that they at least get consumed rather than get put away at the back of wardrobe.

  1. Create A Scrapbook For Them

Why not make something thoughtful for them that will make them smile and realise how loved they are? Using some old photographs and adding some little notes about the memories you share can do wonders for lifting their mood. Think of other thoughtful things you can do for them, like getting them a Netflix subscription or creating a playlist for them on Spotify.

  1. Drive them to the medical appointments

If needed, you can ask the difficult questions which they may not be comfortable asking when you arrive at the hospital, you can also offer to go in with them to offer support. Driving may allow you both more quality time interaction in fresh setting away from home or hospital.

  1. Help with the cleaning or laundry

When our environments are clean, we instantly feel refreshed, when you are ill, even the thoughts of doing the dishes or putting the clothes in the wash can be exhausting. Take this burden away from them and help to give their home a revived look.

  1. Run any errands that they might need doing

Offer to do the grocery shopping. Pick up the dry-cleaning. However, be specific with the help you can offer. Even if they don’t have any errands the certainty that they have someone to count on when in need would be appreciated. Also, it’s better not to say something vague like ‘let me know if you need help with anything’, it’s easier for people to accept help that’s offered than give their loved ones tasks to complete.


The Don’ts

Never in your interactions say that you know how they feel – we can’t ever know exactly how someone with cancer feels, our bodies and thought processes are different. We can empathize but not necessarily sympathize with a cancer patient! Don’t tell them to ‘be strong’ or ‘be positive’ – it forces them to put on a mask and behave to please you. Also, please do not compare their situation to somebody else you know, each person’s experience with cancer is unique. We all have different coping mechanisms, therefore comparing situations is of limited relevance.


Check out the Marie Keating Website for more life saving information. If you have any concerns about breast cancer, you can use the Marie Keating Foundation’s free ‘Ask the Nurse Service” by clicking here. If you are interested in supporting the Marie Keating Foundation and their incredibly important work to provide financial assistance to cancer patients, you can buy our stunning Think Pink Bouquet. €5 of the proceeds from every sale will go towards the Marie Keating Foundation!  Order your flowers online from Mad Flowers now.