A wise man once said that ‘sometimes when we feel stuck, we’re actually just planted’.

It is excessively easy in the wake of the past year to feel stuck or, dare I say, locked down. Trapped in one place or one chapter of your life. In this context, the above-quoted words of Bobby Berk provide endless comfort and a significant bout of hope for the potential for life, growth and beauty even in times of apparent stasis. It is high time for us all to recognise our internal regenerative powers.

There is no better way to consistently remind ourselves of this, than to add a literally living reminder of development and resilience into our own homes. The gorgeous floral bouquets of Mad Flowers are certainly one way to inject joy and colour. That said, the beauty of bouquets is transient, for a true sense of stability and empowerment one need look no further than potted trees and plants. Why not have a year-ground Mad Flowers specialty in your home to brighten your every day.

Few plants or trees will do a better job of reminding us of our internal strength than the olive tree. This evergreen tree is nothing if not a survivor, it requires almost no care simply some well-drained soil in a nice bright location in the home. The olive tree is the perfect potted house plant, it asks for so little but adds so much to any space.

The symbolism of the olive tree is of course historically associated with peace, forgiveness and kinship; the oil and fruit produced by the tree represents rich flavour and nutrition; and of course, it immediately visually reminds us of the sun-drenched Mediterranean planes of Spain or Greece. Who knew one tree could hold quite so much meaning? Therefore, the simple addition of an olive tree brings peace, relaxation, depth, richness, escape and a sense of sunshine into the home. Mad Flowers can deliver this incredible tree and so much more anywhere across the island of Ireland, beautifully packaged and ready to go in a hand-picked decorative pot.

The comfort and stability that trees and plants can bring to our hectic worlds is, of course, not a new notion.

One only has to think of the Grandmother Willow character in the animated Disney classic, Pocahontas. While at first this reference may appear juvenile, take a moment to consider the role of Grandmother Willow in the tale, she is a figure of maternal care and spiritual guidance for Pocahontas. Grandmother Willow reminds Pocahontas daily that her path in life is whatever she wishes it to be, that there is no hardship that cannot be survived and that, within her she holds the most powerful love of all.

These immense concepts of comfort, kindness and survival through harsh conditions or challenging times is found in all of the potted plants and trees that are readily available on the Mad Flowers website. For all intents and purposes, your very own version of Grandmother Willow is just a click away.

This sense of comfort and stability has never been more crucial.

It is a massive understatement to say that we do indeed live busy lives these days. We no longer simply have ‘manic Mondays’, the digital era gives us little escape from the pressures of work, socialising, communicating and the constant stream of information. Our busy schedules can often deter us from bringing plants into our home for fear that we will not be able to appropriately care for them and keep them alive.

As mentioned, the olive tree is almost a self-sufficient addition to your home, needing only well-drained soil and a bright space. Another plant available on the Mad Flowers website that requires minimum care for maximum beauty is the cycad house plant. The cycad is incredibly easy to look after, the very definition of low-maintenance. All the humble cycad requires is a nice spot with indirect light and a little bit of feed every six to eight weeks… that essentially means you only have to remember to look after it every other month!

The cycad plant is, in no uncertain terms, a mind-blowing plant.

It looks not dissimilar to a large fern, but it is so much more. Considered by some to be a living fossil, these plants have been around since the Jurassic period. Yes you read that correctly, cycad plants literally grew alongside dinosaurs. This plant stood alongside the T-Rex and it is still growing strong, if that’s not a selling point I do not know what is!

Cycads grow slowly and steadily. Acting as a kind of port in a storm, some cycads can live up to 1’000 years. Having a cycad in your home is like having the past, present and future of the universe at your fingertips, talk about empowerment in the form of a potted plant. And, once again, Mad Flowers can deliver this glorious plant anywhere in Ireland with its very own decorative pot and beautiful packaging.

If the evergreen beauty of the olive tree or the cycad plant is not enough for you, feel free take your potted house plant to the next level with a stunning orchid. Mad Flowers delivers elegant, eye-catching orchids all over Ireland, beautifully packaged in artisanal ceramic pots.

If you needed a sign that you deserve some retail therapy and some fabulous florals in your life, this is that sign. Go on, go on, go on… you deserve it! Allow any member of the classic Mad Flowers range of potted plants, trees and flowers to add a much needed a breath of fresh air to your home and, in turn, allow yourself to turn a new leaf as it were of positivity and empowerment.