November 28th, 2018

The November birth flower is the universally loved “Chrysanthemum”, which originated in China. The earliest notes in history of the Chrysantheum date all the way back to the 15th Century BC. It also the official flower of the City of Chicago, as well as being the traditional Mothers Day flower in Australia, which spawned from the end of its name. The word takes its meaning from Greek, with “chrysos” meaning gold and “antheum” of course meaning flower. Part of the daisy family, this flower shows its colourful blooms in Fall.

We at MADFlowers are huge fans of Chrysantheums and have them prominently featured in numerous bouquets. We like to experiment with a few different colours, and mix them in with other blossoms such as Gypsophilia, gerberas, erynigiums. Whilst it is the flower of a Winter month, the chrysanthemum represents joy and usually showcases a summer type vibe with its traditional bright colours.

We can see a perfect example of the varying beauty of this flower in our range of bouquets. Take the “All White” (pictured below) for example. Here we see white chrysanthemum blending seamlessly with soft whites and different colour greens. This is one of our most popular bouquets due to this elegance, and how it portrays goodness and purity. It represents the ability of the Chrysanthemum to work in tangent in lilies, roses and gerberas to make for an eye catching bouquet.


Christmas Bouquet

Coming up to Christmas, we have included chrysanthemums in our most stunning Christmas bouquet. Out of all our Christmas Bouquets, this is one of the simpler assortments. The bright red roses stand out against the white chrysanthemums to make it a sight for sore eyes during the cold weather. We have appropriately named this bouquet the “Christmas Comet”, and you can see why it is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one this festive season.

Christmas Bouquet

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