June 13th, 2019

Socks and smellies- the classic go to gift for most of us struggling with our ‘hard to buy for’ dad on fathers day (as if they didn’t get enough of a supply at christmas…yawn). Most ‘Father’s Day gift guides’ are laden with novelty gifts and the latest gadgety gimmicks, our guide is a little different! If your dad enjoys pottering around the garden on a nice day, fussing over his flowers or if you’d simply like to encourage a new hobby, then we are here to help! Read our Father’s Day gift guide below and make this Father’s Day an extra special one.


Plant a big smile on your dads face

Give him something to protect and take pride in with a handsome household plant, a unique gift that gives a cool factor to any space, purifies the air and brings stress levels down! Don’t worry if your dad is a beginner, there are many plants out there that require very little attention. Indoor plants like Cast Iron, Snake, ZZ and Ponytail plants don’t require expert skills to keep them alive, plus they make a statement with their strong, impactful leaves.

Green plante

If you’re looking for something more unique, then why not go for a flowering plant like the Orchid? They are so modernly stunning to look at with vivid flowers and are surprisingly easy to grow! Your dad will take pride in bringing back the flowers each year with little effort needed. Check out one of our gorgeous orchid plants below, we have asked our MadFlowers dads, and they have confirmed they would be over the moon to receive a plant as cool as this!

Orchid plant

Available for purchase here

Who doesn’t love edible gifts?

There are so many options nowadays for growing your own food with the rising popularity of organic foods and environmentally friendly initiatives. In terms of edible plant gifts, there are many ways to go about it! You could buy your dad a grow kit that includes everything you need to start growing things like mushrooms, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, herbs..there is a huge variety of options available! Alternatively, you could make a kit yourself! You could buy some window boxes, soil, herb seeds and print off a grow guide and there you have it, his very own kitchen herb garden! You could also buy a fruit tree or potted herb plant. Whatever you choose, we are sure it will keep your dad entertained, Father’s day lands at the very start of summer, making gardening items the perfect gift option!

garden style

Upgrade his garden style

Think of your dads gardening gear, are there holes in his gloves (you know, the ones he’s had since you were in nappies)? Does he neglect his boots, leaving them mucky and crusty in the corner of the shed because, you know “why clean them when they’re just going to get dirty anyway?”. Is his kneeling matt ripped and flattened down so much that is barely cushions anymore? Maybe it’s time to give him a bit of a makeover, some new (less stinky) boots, comfy gloves, dungarees, sturdy cushioning knee pads, sunhat and maybe even a back massager if all that bending over isn’t helping with his back pain! Why not turn it into a cute hamper? A basket, cellophane and ribbon is all you need to create a thoughtful gift!

Man Digging

The possibilities are endless!

There is nothing nicer than a fresh set of sharp and shiny tools that your dad’s old and rusty cutters, snippers and diggers won’t be able to compete with! Why not invest in a pricier set and show him how much you care! Other options include: vegetables, fruit, flower and plant growing books, flower pots, seed packets, an outdoor heater ( for night time gardening). Gardening centre vouchers, garden design books, flower and garden inspired paintings, garden statues, outdoor fairy lights, garden furniture, glass terrariums, a holiday to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London or a hammock! No matter what your budget, there will be something your dad will enjoy, even if he doesn’t have a huge interest in gardening you could help to ignite a new pastime for him !


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