February 22nd, 2018

We all have a special woman in our lives, whether it’s our mother, sister, grandmother, best-friend, auntie, teacher or neighbour that we truly love and admire. Each and everyone has all played a significant role in our own lives, and as International Women’s Day (8th of March) is just around the corner, we’ve created a list of the different ways to celebrate these incredible women who have helped make a difference in the world.

International Women’s Day

Start by saying ‘thank you’, two simple words can mean so much to someone, We often forget the little things that women say or do for us. Tell the important women in your life the difference that they have made in your life because it’s always nice to feel appreciated. It’s gives such a warm feeling to them knowing that they have made a positive impact on somebody and it will help them continue to inspire others with their actions and words.

Show your support to them through anything that they may be going through in life. Every woman has their own goals they want to achieve, and one thing you should never do is restrict her from reaching them. Support her dreams no matter what they may be. No matter what type of obstacle she may be facing, remind her that she’s not on her own, that she can always count on you to be there for her.

Three Girls

Most people take this for granted but your time is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to anyone. Spend time with one another, do the things you like doing together. Time is so precious that next thing you know, they’re no longer around. Remember, time is something you can never get back to make the most of it. So pick up the phone, give them a call or if you live under the same roof, arrange plans and do them.

Remind the special women in your lives how much they mean to you.  Start with the little things, small gestures such as sending them a positive text message that will put a smile on their face, or how about sending them flowers to remind them that they are very important in your life.

Girl looking into mirror

Here in Mad Flowers, we celebrate every woman out there who have helped to shape the world into a better place today. Women of the past, present and future, we salute you. For International Women’s Day or any other day, remind them that you appreciate everything that they’ve done for you with our beautiful handpicked range of flowers.