July 25th, 2018

This month’s “Flower of the month” for July is a personal favourite of ours; The Pink Rose.

This is possibly the most romantic flower of all, and our most popular selling flower this month. Seen most prominently in our “Peony Rose” Bouquet and this weeks special offer “Ninas Choice”, The pink rose can represent gratitude, love, grace and appreciation and has been traced as far back as 40 million years ago.

Peony is a beautifu flower

We tend to see the pink rose mostly our weddings, or wedding anniversaries due to their romantic fluorescent nature. They can come in many different shades of pink too, with each one carrying its own message to the recipient. Dark Pink Roses are the ideal thank you gift, whilst a lighter shade is often taken as a more romantic note.

The Peony Rose in particular captures everything beautiful about a pink rose. Their exotic and Eastern nature are what makes them so appealing to us here in Ireland. The pink rose itself has traces to Asia in the 14th Century and was a most popular piece of décor during the Victorian era. Whilst often seen mixed with different shades of roses, we feel that the peonys bunched together as the sole flower in a bouquet are when they are their most effective. Another key feature of the Peony is its beautiful fruity scent, making it ideal to have in the kitchen or around the house! If you are planning on seeing peonys in your garden, we recommend planting them this fall for the best results.

 Peony Rose

Our Ninas Choice Bouquet combines different summer colours to give a luxurious and modern feel to the bouquet. The “Poem Rose” is the stand out flower here, which like the Peonys is perfect for a wedding anniversary.

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