February 21st, 2019

The delicate “Iris” plant is the official birthday flower of February. Anyone with a birthday in this month should be honoured to share it with this well loved garden plant. A month with Valentines Day, as well as being the start of spring, it is fitting that this beautiful flower be associated with February.

The Iris takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Rainbows, who acted as Homers messenger in The Iliad. They have been seen throughout history, with some drawings dating back to 400BC in Egypt. Not only in Egypt, but it was also adopted by King Louis VII in 1147, and has since been associated with the Kings of France.

The use of an Iris goes beyond its beauty in nature. Like many flowers we have covered, it has had medicinal benefits, as well as some of its fibres being used to make strong materials like rope throughout history.

The Iris comes in many different colours, with each one carrying its own significance. The following are the ones we most commonly see used in household arrangements.

White Iris: Symbolises Purity, ideal for bridal bouquets

Blue Iris: Symbolises Hope and Faith

Purple Iris: Symbolises Wisdom & Royalty

Yellow Iris: Symbolises Passion

Green Iris: Symbolises Youth & Health

Orange Iris: Harmony & Inspiration

Our florists in Mad Flowers have always loved to include different shades of the Iris in our bouquets, particularly around Springtime. We have found the purple/violet colour mixes the best with other spring shades such as yellow and light green.

This Springtime Bouquet combines the iris with roses, germini, lilys, eucalyptus. This beautiful arrangement comes with a free pink vase all for just €25. Visit the page here.

 Springtime Bouquet

This is another favorite of ours that includes a spring shade of the iris. The “Breath of Fresh Air” is a combination of daffodils, tulips, the iris and more. These flowers are perfect for ringing in the Spring, and we have decided to include the vase FREE with the flowers. Order here for just €17.

 Breath of Fresh Air

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