We just love the rich and warm colours that Autumn brings to nature. Crunchy fallen leaves line the streets and make the season so much prettier. But did you know that fallen leaves have many uses for your garden? Rather than just scraping the leaves into a pile and binning them, On this weeks blog, we are going to show you some cool ways that you can repurpose your fallen leaves to benefit your garden.

Keep Your Plants Warm

Did you know that you can actually use shredded leaves as mulch for your garden? Just like any living thing, some plants tend to get quite cold in the Winter, so giving them a leaf blanket will protect them in the colder months. Simple place the shredded leaves around the base of your plants to keep them cosy. Top Tip: Use your lawnmower to go over a pile of leaves once or twice to chop them up for you!

Blend With Your Soil

Incorporating shredded leaves into the top layer of your soil will act as a fertiliser, as the leaves rot, they will enrich the soil with nutrients and provide a great environment for earthworms. Simply use a gardening fork to till the leaves into the soil and blend in with the first one to two inches of soil.

Mulch With Leaves!

Mulch is used in order to add moisture to soil as well as helping to protect your soil from weeds. It also keeps your soil fertile and improves the aesthetic of your garden soil. Use shredded leaves to cover the surface of your soil and protect the buds and seeds deep within the earth.

DIY Compost

You can also create your own compost from old autumn leaves. Add them to a pile of garden clippings and and scraps of vegetables and other organic material to create the perfect plant food. The process will take around six months to be fully transformed into compost. Compost can be quite expensive, but if you take the time to create your own, you’ll feel even more rewarded when you see your plants growing as a result.

We hope you have found this weeks blog helpful and feel encouraged to make use of those Autumn leaves in your garden to keep it flourishing and healthy!