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You have been waiting for this day for months (or years). You sit for a while with your eyes closed and run a film through your mind. Invitations were sent in advance, many dresses were tried, and probably some tears were dropped on the pillow or during your commute to work. The day has finally arrived! You know every single detail behind the scenes, but the truth is: after the bride’s dress, the wedding flowers are the 2nd aspect that the guests will remember most.

Flowers are the biggest influence in the ambiance and atmosphere of the wedding. They bring joy and elegance to every party and ceremony with their different colours, sizes, and formats.

Planning is essential, and when choosing your wedding flowers, many things need to be taken into account, such as season of the year, size of the venue, style of decoration and budget. It’s important to think about the flowers you like. Then, check if they are easily available at the time of the wedding and if they match with the style of ceremony and party you want. Read our article and avoid unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

How to choose wedding flowers?

Start with the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses. You put your heart and soul into choosing these gowns, so the concept behind them should run throughout. As important as the decoration, the bride’s bouquet should accent the dress, but should not combine with the ornamentation of the party, nor the church. It should be chosen as a jewel to stand out.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets should complement the bridal bouquet, as should the groom’s boutonniere and the mothers’ corsage.

Wedding Bouquets

The passion continues through to flowers at the church, pews, altar, entrance, and the cake display and table decoration at the venue.

The link to this harmony may be as simple as colour, style or flower variety. Perhaps pick a theme such as medieval, country garden, winter wonderland, baroque or Celtic. Whatever the link, the continuity of harmony should run throughout. It’s all about colour, style and feeling!

Where should I place the wedding flowers in the church?

Every wedding is different and, of course, there is the budget limitation. The simplest approach would be just to decorate the altar table with a flower composition that adorns the unity candles. After that, there are some key areas that should be considered such as entrance, arches or perhaps festoons either side of the door. Trees may also be considered. Entrance hall table, windowsills, pew ends, his & her chairs, altar steps, high altar, and tabernacle are all key areas.

Should I place wedding flowers on the table?

Table flowers at weddings are incredibly varied. However, they can impede the view and conversation. To avoid this problem, the table arrangements should be above or below eye level when seated. Elevated compositions will always give the highest impact on room entry, while low-level arrangements can be more homely.

wedding decoration

Should I wear flowers in my hair?

It depends on your hair style and the season. The trend is very popular during Spring and Summer time. You can have soft curly waves with a simple daisy chain for a garden-fresh look.  For romantic vibes, arrange gorgeous flowers in a full circle, a crescent or flower crown.

Flowers in hair

What are the most expensive wedding flowers? And the budget ones?

Time of year and variety have a significant bearing here. Tulips in spring time would be very affordable but out of season can be more expensive than orchids. Peonies are only available from the end of May through to June. There’s a very tiny delicate little flower that is extremely popular although probably the most expensive to use “lily of the valley”. It can be a great addition to the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere.

Allergies – wedding flowers without pollen? Is that possible?

99.9% of flowers have pollen, but the main culprits would be the highly scented flowers like lilies or freesia. Avoid having a lot of these flowers in a Small room; otherwise, the scent can be too strong.

How much are wedding flowers on average?

Everybody works to a budget. The average wedding flowers range from €500 to €5000.

When to sort wedding flowers?

3 to 6 months before the big day

What Wedding Flowers are in Season in Winter?

Whites are a favourite in winter, but reds and greens work very well for Christmas weddings. Large headed open garden style roses are suited best.

What Wedding Flowers are in Season in Spring?

Lime greens, soft creams, and whites working towards lemons and limes. Hints of blush pinks and powder blues, freesias, Hyacinthus, lysianthus, tulips, and other spring flowers work well.

What Wedding Flowers are in Season in Summer?

An endless choice here! Three favourites would be 1- Burnt oranges, warm yellows, and lemons with a touch of brown. 2- Strawberry and cream or 3- Powder blues, pastel pinks and yummy yellows.

Most flowers are available in summer. The clever use of grasses, garden flowers, and scented herbs can also look and smell amazing.

What Wedding Flowers are in Season in Autumn?

Again choice is pretty healthy. Browns, burgundies and mustards. Autumn is an excellent time for hydrangea. The use of berries, rose hips and fruits would also be encouraged.


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So remember:

– Think about the kinds of flowers, the varieties you want to include and the season of your wedding.  Flowers that are out of season will be imported and, unsurprisingly, more expensive.

– Have a chat with a good florist. These professionals will help you to achieve the decoration you want, with your budget in mind.

– Enjoy your day!