December 7th, 2017

There’s no doubt that winter is the most challenging time of the year for our favourite flowers to survive. With rain, sleet, snow and high winds expected during winter in Ireland it is always best to be prepared. As the weather is predicted to plummet into the negatives in the coming days, Mad Flowers have gathered a few tips on how you can take care of your flowers (indoors and outdoors) during this cold season.

Winter plants

Indoor Plants

Taking care of indoor plants are much easier than outdoor plants. However, we must not forget that just because the flowers are inside our homes, they are still affected by cold weather. 

  • Winter season means longer nights and shorter days which means it is important to place flowers around your home in an area where they will get enough sunlight, preferably near a window. However, keep away from frosty windows as this can cause damage to the plant.

Winter Flowers

  • Avoid exposing plants to heat sources, such radiators, fireplaces or ovens as they can quickly wilt and die, this also includes any appliances that radiate heat.


  • Make sure to rotate the pot when watering the plant so all sides of the flower will get sunlight and grow evenly.


  • Giving your plants a quick wipe can help them last longer. The dust on the leaves can block the pores on the leaves making it difficult for the flower to ‘breathe’. Removing these particles can help the plant also to look fresher and cleaner.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants require the most attention during winter as they are very vulnerable to frost. The cold weather can cause the water in plant cells to freeze which can result in the flowers to become lifeless.

Snow Nature

  • Protect tender plants from frost by covering it with an upside down flower pot or bucket overnight and remove it the following day when the temperature rises above freezing.


  • Continue watering your plants to provide hydration as the cold temperature can cause the soil to freeze, making it difficult for the roots to reach any water.


  • You can also spread a thick layer of mulch in your garden as it can be used as a shield from frost and also prevent dehydration to the plants.


  • Grouping plants together near a fence or a sheltering wall can help protect your plants from the cold weather.


  • Clear away any leaves or debris around the plant as inspects and pests use it as a hiding place from the cold weather.

Consider these tips, take the necessary actions and you will have an outdoor and indoor garden that will last. If you have any other tips or suggestions that you would like to share with other flower lovers this winter, leave a comment below or catch us on our Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!