Self care isn’t just about having a duvet day or  treating yourself to some chocolate, it’s also about taking care of your body, checking your breasts for lumps, eating well and meditating. Your health should always be a priority. In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Marie Keating Foundation, we are going to help you to become breast aware and tell you how to properly look for warning signs. 


Step 1: Look Out for Changes

While standing in front of a mirror, check for any visual changes to the following while holding arms in the air and also with arms down by your side:

  • If one of your breasts has changed in size. It is quite normal for your breasts to be different sizes, however what you are really looking out for is any noticeable change in the size of one of your breasts. 
  • See if the veins in your breasts stand out more than what is normal for you. 
  • Check for any puckering, dimpling or redness of your skin. 
  • Look at your nipples and see if there is any discernible changes like crusting, change in shape or direction, redness or discharge.

Step 2: Feel For Changes

You should also feel your breasts for any changes, some women prefer to do this in the shower as it is easier to feel for changes. Make sure you feel for changes while standing up and while lying down. You are feeling for the following changes: 

  • Any lumps
  • Thickening of breast tissue
  • Bumpy areas that seem different from other breast tissue 

Don’t forget to check your armpits and collar bone too! 

Step 3: Repeat 

Repeat these self examinations every month, no matter what age you are. The best time to check your breasts is the week after your period. If you are in menopause, it is best to check your breasts around the same time monthly.

Step 4: Visit Your GP

If you are concerned about your breasts or notice any changes, no matter how small it may be it is always best to visit your GP straight away. Be sure not to panic and remember that 9/10 breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous), however it is still vital that you visit your GP to be safe. Watch this short video below to find out how to check your breasts:

How To Check Your Breasts Video


Step 5: Stay Informed & Support 

Check out the Marie Keating Website for more life saving information. If you have any concerns about breast cancer, you can use the Marie Keating Foundation’s free ‘Ask the Nurse Service” by clicking here. If you are interested in supporting the Marie Keating Foundation and their incredibly important work, you can buy our stunning Think Pink Bouquet here, €5 of the proceeds from every sale will go towards the Marie Keating Foundation!