It’s the most wonderful time of the year, spooky season is indeed upon us.

In the lead up to All Hallows Eve 2021 there has never been a better time to remember and celebrate our Irish heritage. After all, the global holiday now known as Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Irish pagan festival of Samhain.

During the Samhain festival our Irish ancestors would light bonfires, perform sacrificial rituals and open mystical portals to the Otherworld, a realm of the supernatural.

Of course, another major element of Samhain is the celebration of the harvest.

Every year the tribes of ancient Ireland would gather to give thanks for the beauty and value of the plants, crops and flowers that surround us and bring not only life, but joy. What better way to acknowledge this centuries old celebration of the harvest in our contemporary era than with beautiful plants and flowers throughout our modern-day homes?

In this arena, Mad Flowers has got you covered. This year, why not crank your seasonal decorations up a notch by complimenting the orange and amber tones of your pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns with one of Mad Flowers stunning bouquets.

Plenty of our classic arrangements such as the Tangy Citrus and the Honey Bee Bouquets are instantly recognisable by their golden glow. In this way they are not only ideal for the festive Halloween period, but for the Autumn season as a whole.

Why not introduce the warm colour palette of the tumbling Autumn leaves into your own home?

While many of the classic Mad Flowers pieces suit this season to a tee, let us not forget that our very own world-famous Maurice the Florist is always on hand should inspiration strike and you wish to take your floral fancies to the next level with a custom-made arrangement.

Why let the creativity stop there? There are few festive periods as inherently amenable to arts and crafts as Halloween. Add the personal touch to your Autumn décor with some painted dried leaves or some pressed seasonal flowers. We are all familiar with the uses of pumpkins as excellent ingredients for soups or pies, and of course as canvases for our spooky carving creations. This year however, let’s take the opportunity to do something fun and unique with pumpkins.

Once your pumpkin is lovely and hollowed out why not fill it with a beautiful Mad Flowers arrangement, a potted plant or some fabulous foliage? If going the traditional route with a carved out face and a candle, consider adding an element of elegance with an Irish-made scented candle. After all, there’s no reason why a pumpkin can be spooky and smell delightful at the same time?!

Have any old toys or Halloween figurines lying around?

This year, allow Mad Flowers to help you upscale them by using them in line with one of our bonsai trees to build miniature, spooky scenes.

If the idea of ghosts and ghouls are a little too frightening to be yourw idea of fun, it might be no harm to treat yourself to some of our lucky bamboo arrangements, to keep any unwelcome spirits at bay for the evening. If you need a distraction from witches, warlocks and things that go bump in the night during the Halloween period, what better way to treat yourself than running a hot bath with an artisanal bath bomb, a sumptuous scent diffuser and a comforting cuddly bear from Mad Flowers’ very own online shop packed full of luxury Irish self-care products.

We all know that Halloween prompts movie marathons in many homes. An all-time favourite Halloween classic of course has to be The Addams Family. It is no secret that Gomez and Morticia are madly in love, while this is largely due to the devilish charms of both parties, Gomez makes certain to keep their passion alive by regularly treating his beloved to stunning bouquets of blood red roses. While we at Mad Flowers don’t exactly condone Morticia’s quirky habit of chopping the heads off these roses one by one, we do whole-heartedly embrace the celebration of this spookiest of seasons and the beauty of Autumn by filling our homes and hearts with floral fever.