September 24th, 2014

People are always asking me about the fabulous long-lasting and large-headed Lilies that we use. Ask us anything!

I recently caught up with one of the growers from our Irish Lily supplier and asked him for some details.

The nursery is in County Louth with about one acre set up to cater for 1.6 million stems of Lilies!

Depending on the time of the year some the growing takes place between Glass & Polytunnel cover.


What is your favourite variety of Irish Lily? I love our Oriental Lillies as used in our Luxury Lily bouquet.


Our grower has six different types to care for during a season lasting six to seven months.

Asiatic; Black out, Brunello, Nova Scotia &Pavia.
Longiflorum; White Haven.
Oriental Standard; Aktiva, Bernini, Canberra & Rialto.
Oriental Luxury; Gerez, MonteZuma, La Mancha & Santander.
Pot Lilies; Little Rainbow & Souvenir.
Calla Lilies; Captain Ventura, Odessa, Paco, Passion Fruit, Red Alert, Serrada & Samur.



With all this activity going on planting, nurturing, growing & harvesting, there is a special need to reinvigorate and energise the soil.
Current programs in place include Steam Sterilisation, a process that results in a reduction of the use of pesticides while improving soil and growing conditions enabling clean & healthy plants to bloom.

The nursery has recently upgraded it’s irrigation & feed system further enhancing the quality of flower produced.

The nursery also grows Brassica and Sunflowers for us.

So the secret is out of the bag. All you need for beautiful Lilies is lots & lots of tender, loving care!
I couldn’t let the grower get back to work without harvesting some tips on growing Lilies at home.
The advice is to keep my Lily plants watered, but not to over-water.
When I am growing indoors I should ensure my Lily has plenty of natural light, with good ventilation and avoid drafts.
A great tip for plants turning yellow is to feed with Tomato feed, found in most garden shops!

Don’t just stand there admiring your Mad Flower bouquet. Cut flowers are still living, they need plenty of fresh water and light!
It is important to keep cut flowers in a clean fresh water, replace water in a vase every day where possible. Do not keep near excessive heat, this will stress them and dry them out.

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