May 9th, 2019
Madflower tips
Our expert florists have come up with 10 fresh flower arrangement tips for you to try at home! Your bouquets need time and care, and we want to help you make the most of your fresh flowers so they look great and last long. Read below to get started.


1: Clean the Vase.

Bacteria can fester from previous bouquets. Your fresh bouquet won’t appreciate this environment. Use watered down bleach to create a spotless home for your bouquet.


2: Dip your Flowers.

Your flowers will drink water through every part, give them a little dive into cold fresh water first. Then place in a vase filled with cold water and cut flower food.


3: Snip the stems.

Cut 3cm off the end of each stem diagonally, this will help it to drink it’s h20 and stay alive. Did you know that short stem flowers actually last longer because the water has less of a journey to travel?

flowers on office table

4: Look out for hazards.

Always remove damaged foliage as well as leaves that may become submerged in the water. Leaves don’t like being in the water, it may cause the flowers to wilt.


5: Every artist needs an outline.

Create a grid over the top of the vase with cellotape. This gives you a strong foundation to keep your gorgeous flowers in position and aids the overall balance and harmony of the arrangement.


6: Fillers aren’t just for Faces.

Begin with a base of foliage and fillers (gysophila, solidago, hypericum berries for example. ) This will give a solid foundation and help your blossoming beauties to shine.


7: Little and large.

Position smaller flowers on the outside of your bouquet and larger blossoms in the centre. This helps to create a more pleasing and natural shape to the bouquet.

Little and large

8: Opening up is important.

Flowers and humans alike truly show their beauty when they open up a little. Dip closed buds into warm and then cold water to help them to open up. This is great for bouquets you’d like to display straight away.


9: Protect your bouquet.

Keep your flower arrangement away from direct heat and sunlight to protect them against wilting. In addition, keep the flowers away from fruit and other flora.


10: Have fun and experiment.

Flower arranging is an art, an expression of you. Sometimes it’s good to throw away the rule book and create something that makes you happy. Mix up textures style, maybe even decorate your own vase !


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