May 24th, 2018

Instead of relying on air-fresheners and scented candles to give that sweet and clean smell in your home, why not go for something natural, like flowers! We believe that nothing will ever beat the fresh aroma that comes from flowers. And not only does it give a delightful scent but it is also pleasing in the eye to see something beautiful around the rooms in your home.

Whether you decide to grow your flowers in your garden or purchase them from a local florist, flowers will liven up any home. We’ve put together our top four flowers that will make your home smell a-m-a-zing!

  • Lavender is well known for their beauty and their sweet aroma that quickly fills up any room. Their colour gives a fun and elegant pop with any other bouquet and object around the house. They are also surprisingly easy to care for.


  • The gardenia plant is known to be one of the most fragrant plants that release a very heavy flowery scent. Their scent is generally compared to thick orange-blossom honey. We advise anyone that has a particular room in their house that they don’t like the smell to place a gardenia plant in it!
  • A jasmine plant will not only compliment any decoration you have around your home, but it will also give a delightful floral scent. If you have jasmine flowers, it’s best to place them on your windowsill because their aroma’s prime time is at night time.


  • Orchids are a timeless flower that will always look classy wherever you place them. There are a wide variety of orchid flowers, and all of them produce a beautiful scent. Be aware that taking care of orchids are a little bit different from other flowers and plants but we assure you that all of the efforts are worth it once you see their beauty and smell their fresh scent.


Flowers which are highly aromatic can brighten your day as well as sweetening the air. One sniff is all it takes to transport you to a place of grace and beauty. Don’t forget to check out our beautiful scented bouquet from Mad Flowers that will get all of your friends and family to stay in your home.