Wondering which flowers will be best for welcoming a new year and new beginnings? Read on to find out…

We are back from celebrating the festivities and we’ve just entered a new year; 2020! The Christmas decorations are down, the countdown was a blast and a new year means many things; New Year’s resolutions, decluttering the house, perhaps joining the gym and if you’re a flower lover like us; new flowers! We’re here to help you choose the best January flowers that symbolise new beginnings and fresh starts, to welcome the new year and to brighten your home and life up with their sheer simple splendour.


Daisies are known worldwide to symbolise purity, innocence and new beginnings. They are even traditionally given to new mothers to celebrate a new birth. The well-known phrase “fresh as a daisy” proves them to be associated with renewal and it is believed to evoke a sense of joy, love and even nostalgia; which is what makes it perfect for the New Year. As we enter this turning point, crossing over from one year into another, daisies can bring on a feeling of reminiscence, allowing us to ponder and reflect on the year that has passed while looking forward to the one to come. Order daisies for your self or loved ones this January.

Calla Lilly

The name ‘Calla Lily’ was derived from the greek word for beauty, we find this fitting since these flowers are simply stunning and the epitome of elegance. These flowers in particular have come to have an air of religion surrounding them. They represent faith and holiness and have appeared in many religious paintings and works of art, depicted alongside the Virgin Mary and the Angel of Annunciation. These flowers also bloom in Spring which is what makes them perfect for symbolising new beginnings. They’re used for weddings, funerals and really are fitting for any occasion marking a major transition; making them the perfect flower for the New Year! Check out our bouquet Luxury Prism, to find an elegant bouquet scattered with Cala Lillies, it will be sure to welcome 2020 the right way!


The daffodils sunny disposition is what makes it a perfect gift to give to a friend in this new year. They are commonly associated with spring but are often given in the new year because of their known association with new beginnings and rebirth. Treat yourself to some daffodil around the house as your choice of flower for the New Year.

White Lily

White lilies represent a clean slate and a fresh start making it the perfect flower for the New Year. Their stunning petals that spread open, in themselves, offer a  sense of invitation to the year ahead and revitalisation of yourself. They are also associated with affluence and fortune, and so; White Lilies are a great way to ring in the New Year and also magnetise good tidings and blessings. Check out our bouquet Rose Lily White, which is full of White Lilies that will be sure to attract prosperity to your home this new year.

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you joy, love and all the best this 2020. We hope this helped in picking the best choice of bouquet for you to welcome the New Year.