October 10th, 2018

Flowers can have a calming effect on people. Whether it be their scent,their appearance, or the activity of planting/cutting them, flowers have long been associated with positive mental health. We here at Madflowers want to share in the secret that floral activity is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. A study carried out in 2008 showed that hospital patients with flowers in their room were less anxious.

World Mental Health

Try out the positive effects of flowers yourself. If you are struggling to sleep, try adding a few drops of lavender oil to your pillow. Numerous studies have proved it’s ability to slow down the heart beat, improve slow brain wave sleep and even reduce anxiety.

Next time you are doing yoga in your home, spruce up your surroundings with flowers and witness the smooth and relaxing effect that your new organic environment will have. Even in your place of work, it is possible to get past the repetitive or mundane setting by lighting up the office with flowers. Studies have even proved that productivity is increased in these circumstances and not only in the office but in the classroom as well!

Gardening Mental

It is also well known that gardening is a key mindfulness activity. The fresh air, soil and sense of achievement contributes to a more healthy mind. Gardening helps us to live in the present, a way of getting away from technology and being within ourselves for a couple of hours a day, or as a popular weekend activity. It also gives us a chance to express our creativity, as well as being able to take responsibility for something.

Bright colour bouquets such as our colour palette have a positive effect in brightening your mood. Also, the act of sending and receiving flowers in general makes for a more connected society, and brings happiness to the recipient and satisfaction to the sender.

Bright colour bouquets

If you have a friend or loved one that are struggling with mental health, send flowers online with Mad Flowers to brighten up their day. Alternatively, check out this list of useful links from the good people at Pieta house on who you can call if you are ever in need.