July 11th, 2018

Most women will tell you, the most important thing about their wedding is the flower arrangement. A good arrangement can make the wedding stand out for a long time in the minds of the guests and allow your big day to become the benchmark for all weddings going forward. A poorly designed flower set however, can lead to unwanted headaches and a dampener on what should be the best day of your life.

Heres some tips on how to make your wedding stand out with some eye catching flower arrangements!


1. Integrate your arrangements with your table settings:

Why not dare to be bold this Summer when making your table settings stand out. This can relate to each individual at the table having their own sprig of onion or piece of lavender right of the menu to immediately separate your setting to other weddings.

Wedding table

2. Hanging Flowers:

Make sure you remember to have your guests looking all around them at beautiful hanging or elevated arrangements. Your guests are going to spend a lot of time taking in the design of the wedding, so strategically placed flowers above them will be sure to add that wow factor.

Hanging Flowers

3. Don’t be afraid to go green:

Many wedding planners will tell you to liven up your wedding with stunning vibrant colours or even a more luxurious design of florals. However, keeping your arrangements uniformly green with a few more subtle colours added in can have an even better effect on the setting. This organic feel is popular around Ireland and can integrate a more family-orientated design to your day.

Love Hart

4. Outdoor weddings:

If you have taken the bold step of planning an outdoor wedding in Ireland, it may be paying off with the weather we are experiencing. Having said that, there are pitfalls relating to the durability of certain flowers in this current climate. Make sure to choose a strong type of flower such as orchids, that will not wilt in what will be a very long day!

Outdoor Wedding

5. Most popular flowers:

Finally, we have compiled the flowers you are most likely to see at weddings this Summer in Ireland. This can give you inspiration for your big day, whether it be around the corner, or you are already planning for 2019!

• Roses
• Peonys
• Orchid
• Iris
• Dhalia
• Gerberas

Most popular flowers

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