July 4th, 2019

In the past 20 years, tattoos have become far more mainstream. The stigma surrounding tattoos has faded and they are now quite a fashionable rite of passage, they have even become more acceptable in corporate environments! Today, we are taking a look at Flower tattoos, which have exploded in popularity in recent years for many reasons. Flowers tattoos not only look beautiful, but they come with certain meanings behind them, there are so many sizes, colours and designs you can go for with flower tattoos, giving ample opportunity to make them personal to you!



Roses have historically been one of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. They are a symbol of love and romance, making them a common tattoo choice for a coupe. They also represent the way in which one can grow and blossom despite the challenges life throws at us the same way a Rose blossoms though it is covered in thorns. It symbolises the idea that sometimes the juxtaposition of love and pain is beautiful. Roses are truly stunning in their design, and can be a simple single rose, or roses blooming across large areas of your body both in colour and black and white.

Flower Tattoos


Sunflower  tattoos are incredibly powerful and positive. A sunflowers vivid yellow hue really stands, it is most commonly associated with good luck, happiness and new beginnings. The way a sunflower follows the sun around the garden in order to grow can also nod to the idea of always looking at the bright side of life to get through tough times. It is very popular with those starting a new phase in their life too, ready to embark on a new challenge and aiming for success. These tattoos are big, bold and confident.

tattos arms


Lavender is an ideal tattoo for someone looking for something soft and subtle, lavender is a very delicate flower with soft lilac tones. For many people, lavender symbolises keeping calm and graceful. This is due to lavenders intoxicating smell, known to soothe and calm ones nervous system. The lavender flower also represents a time of healing, as lavender is well known for it’s healing properties, making this tattoo choice very popular for those who have overcome an illness.



Lillies are another very common tattoo, they typically symbolise devotion, commitment and friendship. The lily flower is such a unique shape that is really stands out. The lily flower can mean different things for different cultures. In recent years it has been very closely related to Christianity, a lily supposedly represents the Virgin Mary, Easter, death and rebirth.

lotus flower


 The lotus flower is very popular all over the world. It’s stunning arrangement of petals upon petals is absolutely beautiful as a tattoo, many people will have a lotus flower tattooed in alternative designs rather than a realistic approach, adding a very artistic touch to the aesthetic. Lotus flowers typically grow in very muddy water, they have long stems which allow them to bloom above water despite their harsh environment. They symbolise a strength through hard times in life and coming out the other side and are especially popular among Buddhists and Yogis for their spiritual connotations.


Cherry Blossom

The delicate, fragile cherry blossom is thought to be a representation of feminine strength and love. It can also symbolise fleeting moments in someone’s life, as the cherry blossom petals bloom for only a few days, reminding us to appreciate the beauty of a moment. Japanese people also see this flower as a metaphor for one’s mortality.

Cherry Blossom

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