October 26th, 2018

Flower Names For Girls

Flowers are more than just sweet smelling floral blossoms; they can provide beautiful baby names for boys and girls alike. It is popular now for many celebrities around the world have taken to naming their children a type of flower, such as “Blue Ivy”. We love the idea of having a colourful name for a newborn baby, especially in the Spring. We’ve assembled our favourite flower baby names for girls here in Ireland and around the world.

Baby Girl

1. Daisy

Daisy is such a wonderful and popular girls name which has been around for centuries, but also seen as the name of many pop culture characters recently.

2. Azalea

Azalea is the Hebrew name for flower. There is something mysterious and dangerous about this as a name, stemming from the flowers toxicity!



3. Dahlia

Named after Anders Dahl, this flower has a smooth sounding name to it. “Dal” is the Swedish word for valey, making this commonly thought of as the “flower of the valley”.

4. Primrose

You may have heard of Primrose as the sister of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, but this name goes back a long way. Prim is the latin word for “first”, meaning this name is often associated with Youth and Spring.

5. Marigold

Marigold is a name that has grown in popularity in the last decade. It is a biblical name, referring to Mary the mother of Jesus. Its gorgeous bright coloured flower however is the main reason this name is becoming so popular.

6. Rosemary

A combination of the names Rose and Mary, this comes from the fragrant Rosemary herb native to the Mediterranean region.


7. Jasmine
Our love of Jasmine is no secret to our followers by now, however its popularity has waned in recent years. This name is associated with love, beauty and sensuality and we would love to see it make its return as a popular girls name!

8. Holly

Holly along with Rose is one of the most popular girls names for flowers. Often it is given to girls who are born around Christmas time and this name has its origins in Ireland!