December 6th, 2018

Its that time of year again, and by now you have probably got your Christmas Tree (we hope!). Along with the John Lewis advertisement, the Christmas tree is a good indicator of the official start of the festive season. It can be an activity that brings the whole family together, and also brings an unparalleled mood to your home in December.

However what we always wonder is how to spruce up our Christmas every year to make it different. What can we add so it is not the same arrangement on the tree as last year! Apart from the trademark star at the top, and some Christmas lights to wrap around it, the tree is your oyster so to speak. Don’t be afraid to express yourself when decorating your tree, as it can be very self rewarding and create and end product more akin to art then a textbook tree.

Here at MADFlowers, we recommend doing up your tree this Christmas with flowers. The mix of florals with lights, baubles, stars and more has a beautiful optic effect, and can help to improve the mood around the house.

There are so many different ways you can go about this. Christmas trees can be Spruce, Pine or Fir, each of them an evergreen conifer. These are types of trees represent the cold dark of winter, however introducing brighter floral decorations can change the nature of it.

The main thing to decide when starting this is what colour you are going for, which tone will suit the dark green of the conifer as well as the colour of your perennial decorations. We personally love the idea of a rustic red to go with the green. Your decorations and lights are most likely red already which will make for a traditional, warm arrangement when all brought together. Try this with red roses, placed in a wrapped order or sporadically around the on tree. You could also try it with red poinsettias, the traditional Christmas flower, as well as bunches of red berries, which would work best in a dark rustic look.

xmas tree

More options include a snowy style to the tree, whereby all your decorations are white or silver, including your overhanging star. You may invest in a silver spray can to use to coincide with the theme, along with some pine cones as well. If this is your chosen theme this year, try it with some lilies or daisies, to give off a more peaceful effect this Christmas.

Xmas white tree

You could also go with multi-colours, as seen in the picture below. This would be an unorthodox way of decorating your tree, but clearly makes it stand out! This might be a favorite in family with young kids, however might be harder to do. We recommend using multi colour hydrangea if trying this arrangement.

multi colours tree

Sugar Bee Crafts

What may be easiest is to use faux florals in this instance. Getting artificial flowers are more like actual decorations, and can be thrown in the box to use again year after year! You will still get an organic look to the tree, but will lose the aroma of the flower, and self satisfaction of carefully placing real luxury flowers on your tree.

Flowers on xmas tree

Country Living

The most important thing is to make this your own design. Use the advice and the pictures for inspiration, but make sure to express yourself and do what comes naturally. Your Christmas Tree is a blank canvas, so get yourself some flowers and start designing with the whole family! To send flowers to a friend or loved one this festive season, call us on 1850 212121 or visit Madflowers