June 20th, 2019

Festival Hairstyle Guide

With Body and Soul 2019 kicking off this weekend in Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath, festival season is finally upon us! Hurrah! Festivals are an amazing place for experimenting with fashion and taking some amazing insta worthy photos in your most creative festival looks. MadFlowers are here to give you some amazing festival hair ideas and will show you the countless ways you can use flowers to get you festival ready.

Hairstyle Guide

1. Fabulous Flower Updo’s

Simply curl your hair and pin it up to create a beautifully effortless updo, you can either buy fake flower hair accessories (pennies and claires will have you sorted for these!) or you could even go wild flower picking and any flowers you can find like daisies into your hair. You could even use flowers from an old bouquet and recycle them! Mixing up the sizes of flower will add texture and interest to your look! This hairdo can look great for the whole festival, the looser and more messy it gets, the cooler it looks!


2. Messy Bun Madness

You could simply tie your hair into a big messy bun at the top of your head and surround the bun with individual flowers of any size. You can even buy flower hair bobbins that do the job for you! This is such a pretty look and will definitely make an impact. Don’t forget to pull out little hairs to frame your face and soften the look! If you need help making your bun nice and big, try backcombing your hair before putting it up and then pulling it apart to make it bigger.

Long Flowery locks

3. Long Flowery locks

Don’t want to fuss with styling your hair too much? Leave your hair down for a more free spirited, hippie look. This works especially great if you have long hair, adding a curl in and plenty of hairspray and texturising spray before you leave for the festival will look even more graceful. Use flower clips or pin fresh flowers into your hair and scatter the flowers throughout the length of your hair. You want to appear as though you have been wandering through an enchanted forest. An easy way to have the flowers stay in your hair is to add in a few braids, this will give you a base to stick the stems of your flowers into.

Flowers in hair

4. Space bun babe

Whether your hair is short or long, this always looks so fun and really makes you stand out. Simply split your hair down the middle and bring your hair up into two seperate buns at the top of your hair and then surround your buns with your flowers! To make the look extra special, why not add glitter down your centre parting , or even make your parting a zigzag design. If you have enough hair, try tugging at the bun to make your buns large and in charge! You could also do two mini buns and leave half of your hair down for a cutesy look.

Hair Braids

5. Braided Beauty

Braids are a festival classic , they look amazing and are generally a good option because you can leave them in all weekend and your hair will still be tidy by day three, plus if you do decide to take out the braids, you’ll be left with mermaid like waves ! The hairstyle below uses the dutch braiding method, which makes the braid stand out a lot more! You could also buy coloured hairspray for an even funkier look!

Blue and green hair

6. Flower Crown Queen

Do they even allow you entry into a festival if you don’t have a flower crown? Possibly one of the easiest options is to get yourself one of these flower crowns, we see them in Penneys every summer, and they’re so affordable too! Slap one of these on and you’re good to go, they look amazing on everyone and add a gorgeous element to any festival look! If you didn’t get a chance to buy one, you can always make your own using a simple elastic headband, simply hot glue or use little hair elastics to attach your own floral design to the headband!

Whether you want to go simple, homemade or extravagant with your flowery festival hairstyles, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it and get creative. You can order fresh flowers from MadFlowers to create beautiful blossoming hairstyles and just watch as those instagram likes flow in!