February 15th, 2018

With Valentine’s taking place in February, many believe that the roses are the official flowers of the month when actually, it’s the violet.

Wild Flowers

There are over 500 different species of violets; this sweet-scented flower is found and grown in the Northern Hemisphere and places such as Hawaii, Australasia and in The Andes.

The flower dates back to Ancient Greece where the Greeks would use violets in their foods, wines and medicines. The violet name comes from the Latin word, Viola and also because of their purple-blue colour. However, the flower also comes in a blue, white, pink and yellow colour. And later on, during the Victorian times, the purple violets were commonly used in the language of flowers to send a message of “I will always be there for you” while the white violet suggested the idea of “taking a chance”.

There are five petals in total on a violet; one petal is on the bottom facing down while the other four is located evenly on both side. Different species of violets also have different shapes to their petals, which is one-way scientists can tell them apart.  The flower symbolises love, faithfulness and wisdom and has heart-shaped leaves which are perfect for February, the month of love.

Spring and summer is the perfect time for the violets to bloom. They like indirect sunlight or shade and moisture to grow which isn’t a lot of requirements. As long as they are properly watered, their leaves remain green and attractive even if they are not in bloom.


An interesting fact about the violets is that they are edible. Their leaves contain Vitamin C and A which help improve your immune system.  Many people use violets in recipes for a variety of dishes, and the petals are popular to use for decorations in desserts.

If you want some beautiful scented and edible flowers for February, then Violets is for you. And as this month’s birth flower, why not give it to someone as a gift as it to someone as a gift as it would be both a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Make sure to comment below if you were born in February, so we know who our violet followers are!