Get ready to replace your usual go-to conversation starter. For the next couple of days instead of starting small talk with comments on the weather or how much longer the days are getting you can say, ‘Jaysus can you believe it’s Easter again already?!’.

While 2021 in many ways may still feel like the hangover of 2020, rest assured it is indeed a new year and another year means another Easter. This year let’s take Easter as a real blessing, excuse the pun. It is among many things, a chance to celebrate Spring and all of the flowers and chocolates associated with this wonderful season.

For generations Easter has been a time for family gatherings, religious celebration (ok let’s be honest it’s probably one of the two or three times a year you go to mass), food and flowers!

This year many of us will miss out on having Easter as a chance to reconnect with our communities, whether that be at mass or neighbourhood Easter Egg hunts. Many of us will also be deprived of annual Easter family meals. However, one thing we need not be deprived of is the abundance of other joyous things this season has to offer.

Let’s make sure that no-one’s house is lacking in festive spirit this year and fill our homes with beautiful seasonal flowers.

The bright pinks, yellows, greens and lilacs of the Mad Flowers special Easter range is sure to turn any dreary house into a cheery house this year. Breath-taking floral arrangements are for everyone.

This year they have never been more accessible as Mad Flowers has gone above and beyond to offer a range of bouquets in a wide variety of designs and also a wide variety of budgets so that no kitchen table need go unadorned for Easter 2021. This year, let Mad Flowers put (a) Spring in your step and into your homes with a specially designed Easter flower arrangement at the centre of the dinner table to brighten everyone’s day.

Now, while the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, the beautiful Mad Flowers bouquets and the Easter Sunday roast dinners are all major highlights of the season, I would be remiss to ignore the thing many of us look forward to most of all… the chocolate! Here yet again Mad Flowers have stepped up to their Easter A-game this year with not only their unmatched array of flowers but their excellent selection of Irish-brand artisanal chocolates. Send your Lenten promises off with a bang and allow yourself and the whole family to indulge in some mouth-watering gourmet chocolates and uniquely hand-crafted Easter bouquets.

Easter is a special occasion and this year more than ever we all deserve to treat ourselves as well as our loved ones to fabulous flowers and luxurious chocolates. Why not browse the Mad Flowers Easter range for a wide selection of gifts that could make this year’s Easter scavenger hunt one to remember where everyone is a winner.

We must not forget that here in Ireland, Easter has another very special meaning. At this time of year we also commemorate, the Easter Rising of 1916, a major turning point in our national history. Mad Flowers has the perfect way to memorialise this historic event with one of the many glorious bouquets which feature lilies. The lily is of course the iconic flower associated with commemorating the Easter Rising, trust leading Irish floral specialists Mad Flowers to have the perfect bouquet for every occasion this Easter.

Why let the floral festivity stop there.

We all know that as soon as our floral arrangements are gone we wish we had more. This Easter why not add flowers as a permanent installation in your home with one of the many plants among Mad Flowers’ abundant selection. This way, your home will always be decorated and filled with Mad Flowers’ special brand of floral life and joy.

Of course, while we must never forget that the central theme of Easter is to celebrate the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is important to remember that Easter also means so much more than that to so many people. Easter not only signals the end of Lent (thank God, excuse the pun) but the coming of new life in the form of Spring, Spring, Spring. and what says Spring more loudly and proudly than the glorious, colourful and jubilant Mad Flowers bouquet and gift selection. With that, from all of us at Mad Flowers, Happy Easter!